Dinner in Bosham



Everything has been so busy recently as I've been working nonstop for the past two weeks with maybe 3 days off. They've been really long shifts, well into the night. So most of my time has been either spent eating, sleeping or working. 

This weekend has been no exception as it's been a super busy one. 
I drove back down to Chichester yesterday, with my mum, whilst my stepdad drove down with their car. It was moving day!! 

I'm so happy to be out of the student house I was living in as there was always something going wrong and it was full of mould! I honestly hated living there, I will not miss it!

 The three of us spent the day cleaning the house, as my housemates were all lazy and didn't bother to do a single thing. Especially one of them, who literally moved all their stuff out and didn't bother to even tidy their room or run the hoover over it quickly. It was a MESS and it really smelt horrible!! I really was quite pissed off - but of course, knowing me, I won't actually say anything at all to them, I'll just pretend it was all okay. Someone please tell me why I'm sharing with the same person next year?? 

Peter, my stepdad, and I left my mum in charge of cleaning the house, whilst we spent two hours, running back and forth between the two properties to move my stuff. Finally we were done! Dropped the keys through the letter box and voila, I was no longer a resident there!!

Mum and Peter then went and checked into their B&B, whilst I drove back to the new house and started to put things away in the right places - starting with the kitchen! I spent so long doing it, that I had to grab my makeup and do it in the car as mum had already turned up to pick me up for dinner. 

They'd reserved a table at The Anchor Bleu in Bosham, which has beautiful views out over the harbour! The table we had was right by a window looking out and I managed to take some gorgeous photos in the 2 and a half hours we were there for. We even watched the tide start coming in. Bear in mind that I don't own a fancy camera (my mum does) so the photos were taken on my iPhone!

I forgot to take pictures of my food - but the portions were ginormous and so so yummy! 
I started with Calamari with Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce - they were super meaty and full of flavour. For main, I had real ale battered Cod and chips and finished with raspberry sorbet! All washed down with White Wine Spritzer! It was absolutely delicious and the service was fantastic!! I'm definitely taking Greg there when we go down in August! 

They took me back to their B&B, as it was the same one mum stayed in when I had my operation and the owner invited me back then. It was mainly to satisfy my own curiosity!! It's a beautiful house! Peter drove me back to mine, I managed to sort most of my bedroom out so I had somewhere to sleep and it's looking so cosy and homely! It makes me happy!

The owner of the B&B invited me for breakfast this morning, which I took her up on. I drove over there and was greeted with such warm hospitality (and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon). She has a beautiful black labrador called Willow. She's also invited me over to see Willow anytime I'm feeling homesick! 

After breakfast, we all left and headed to mine for a quick tidy up before mum and Peter left with me not far off. We ended up getting stuck in traffic for an hour on the M25 which wasn't fun at all! I also, at the time, had to get back for work at 2:30 but then they messed me around and told me it was 5pm then 4pm before eventually ringing me up and cancelling. I wasn't best pleased. But it did mean, however, that I have managed to write my first blog post in a long while! 

I hope you enjoyed reading and hope you all had a lovely weekend! Did you do anything exciting?? 
Sending love to you all and have a lovely week!

Lots of Love, 

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