Taking a Break


The last post I wrote on my blog was over a month ago. It was a roundup of April, a month where the majority of my time was spent at home home, rather than at uni home. It had given me time to plan, write and upload my blog posts so that they were going up three times a week - something that I was so, so proud of. I felt good about myself and I felt good about the little internet space that I have. Towards the end of the month, I started feeling a little bit down about my blog - I feel like an imposter, as though I'm not a real blogger. I feel I'm constantly scrabbling at the bottom trying to do my best but not getting anywhere with it. It's all silly really. I started off May with good intentions but slowly fizzled out and as it was a tough month any way, I decided to take a break. 

I've also ended up getting bored with blogging and I feel rather bummed out about the little internet space that I've created. I don't see the point in forcing blog posts to come out of my head and to not be passionate about them and for the energy to be low. 

May was a difficult month - I started my new uni job, I had end of year exams and an operation which took me at least two weeks to recover from. I also met up with John from John's Road to Volunteering in Southampton but I felt a bit poopy that day as I'd barely slept that night and I was feeling rather anxious. I only wish I'd been more alert and feeling better to be able to have enjoyed my day a little more. 

Luckily I'm all recovered now from my operation - big shoutout to my boyfriend who was an absolute gem in helping me out for the first week!! And for waking up at half 5 to get to the hospital then sitting in a stuffy, hot waiting room with me for 6 hours!! 

I'm also home and have found out I finish the year with 3 firsts!!! Still waiting to do solo performance exams but I'm still suffering with RSI along with carpel tunnel and a few other nerve and radial problems (it's great fun but I'm currently getting treatment for it!) 

I'm back to working and things are incredibly busy this summer! Hopefully, I'll find some time for blogging, but for now I'm not going to give myself a schedule and will just blog when I feel like it. I've got a few blog post ideas I want to share with you, but they'll come when I'm ready. 

Is anyone else feeling a bit bummed out with their blogs at the moment? 

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