Blog Goals - May 2017


Happy May Day Everyone!! 
This year is flying by so quickly. I mean I say that at every first post of the month, but it's true! I hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful April and it treated you kindly. 
I've really enjoyed setting blog goals over the last couple of months and I really like reflecting on them at the beginning of the next month. So here I am back again, it's the 1st May and I'm going to set myself some more goals for this month. Things will start getting a little crazier this month as the uni year is finishing and I'll go back home for the summer to start earning money again. 

Before I start with May's goals, I wanted to reflect on April's goals. 

Reach 200 Followers on Bloglovin' - I did It!! I really didn't think I would as it was a slow, slow process but I've managed to surpass my goal. I'm really enjoying seeing my following grow and to see that people want to actually connect with my blog makes me feel so happy. 
Interact With and Comment on Other Blogs - This I've also managed to do! I've got involved with blog link threads to find and comment on, I've used bloglovin' more to interact with people's blogs. I've really enjoyed stumbling across new blogs and new bloggers. 
Write at least Two Blog Posts a Week - I did it!! I managed to find the time to write and schedule my blog posts long before they were actually due up! I even managed to upload three blog posts a week and it was really fun!! A lot of them this month have been to do with recipes but I enjoy cooking and I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog this month.
Read Two Books - This one I failed, I've only managed to read one and even then I started it in March. I got to into watching things or talking to mum in the evening whilst I was at home for Easter. 
 Reply to Comments Left on Blog Posts - I think I managed to do this one! I was trying to be really proactive and respond to the comments left on my blog by people. It's so heart warming to see the amount of people that did comment on my posts this month.  

I think I did pretty good with April's goals and I can only hope that I can stick to May's goals too!

One: Get My Facebook Page Up and Running 

I made a Facebook page a little while ago, but I'm awful at keeping it going and also not really sure on how to use it properly. So any help would be appreciated on trying to sort that out. 

 Two: Interact With and Comment on Other Blogs

I'm going to keep this one here because I really enjoy interacting with other bloggers. This means I have to show up to blogger chats too on twitter as I've been neglecting them in the past month - oops! I must set an alarm for them! 

Three: Continue to Write and Schedule Three Posts

Last month, I actually managed to do this and I was so happy with myself! I felt such a sense of achievement by doing this and loved coming up with ideas to write about. I definitely think reading other blog posts really helps with getting ideas for your own posts.

Four: Meet Blogging Friends

I've been talking to so many people on Twitter, through chats - I really want to meet some of them face to face and get to know them outside of the internet world. I want to develop friendships further because it makes it all the more interesting!

Five: Be consistent

Consistency is key to keeping people interested and I really want to keep people engaged so they come back again. My following keeps going up and down - not on twitter or bloglovin' but more on my actual blog. When I look at my stats (except the other day when they'd sky rocketed randomly), I always feel a little disappointed, I want to keep them consistent like the random day - all the time!

What are your goals for this month?

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