2017 April Roundup


  • Chapter 4 of 2017 done! We're a third of the way through 2017 already and that's completely crazy! April was by far the busiest month that I've had so far this year. For the majority of it, I was at home home which made me feel so much better and a lot calmer than I am when away at uni. 

  • Here is a roundup of what I got up to this month: 
  • 1st April: I was part of a concert that Greg's mum had set up to raise money for their church. It was such a good night and I really enjoyed playing even though I got super nervous. They all seemed to like it! I even made it through a whole flute sonata with Greg and his mum as my accompaniment. It was also the last time I was allowed to play for a good couple of weeks due to Repetitive Strain Injury - it bloody sucks! 

5th April: I drove myself to the Dentist, which was a good 30 minute drive away and in a town where I've never driven. I also really, really hate the dentist! Then once I drove myself back from there, I drove to pick up Greg from his before we had dinner with my parents.

6th April: My mum and step dad had gone off to Cornwall so I was in charge of Greg, Siobhan and the two pussy cats. We were off to my GrandPa's for the day. As Greg and I were getting ready, he sat down and my bed frame broke (well the piece of wood that the slats sit on snapped.) Not the best start to the day! I ended up shouting at Greg because he was stressing me out But we decided to move my mattress downstairs and then make a little fort. After that, I drove us up to my Grandpa's and as we got out the car I had a migraine. He then took us to Felixstowe for fish and chips - it was a lovely afternoon! Luckily, the migraine had gone by the time we had to drive home again! 

7th April: It was just a chilling out day. The most exciting it got was going into town to birthday present shop for Greg's mum. We managed to get rid of my sister and then we tucked into dominos and watched The Crown. 

8th April: Greg and I drove to his house for an appointment. We had packed a picnic so on the way back we popped into the local park. The afternoon I spent baking. We went to Miller and Carter in the evening, which was eventful. You can read about it here

9th April: Was the hottest day of the year so far! We spent the day tidying and doing washing - like a proper married couple - haha! I cooked us dinner in the evening! 

10th April: Greg and I went out on a little woodland walk in the morning. It was really refreshing! I then baked my sister's birthday cake in the afternoon. 

11th April: Sister's Birthday! Nothing interesting actually happened but we all had a lovely Chinese for dinner. After that I took Greg back home. 

15th April: Mum, Siobhan and I all went dress shopping for Siobhan's prom. I did also accidentally come away with a very nice dress that I can use for performances. 

16th April: Easter Sunday! Again, nothing interesting happened. No Easter Egg hunt anymore, but mum made a very yummy lamb roast.

17th April: I got to see Greg again. I drove up to see him and we spent the afternoon with his grandparents, hanging out in their beautiful garden. We ate a curry for dinner and then I made him come home with me. 

18th April: Greg and I went into town and didn't do anything that interesting. We also had a lovely McDonald's date for dinner before we went to the pub with his friends. It was a lovely night. 

22nd April: I said bye bye to my family and went off to Greg's. We had a lovely meal with his family!

23rd April: Greg and I had another fairly chilled day and we ended up at his grandparents house again, sitting in their greenhouse. We were also really bad because we had another curry before I came back to Chichester. 

24th April: I started colouring again!!! 

  • 25th April: I was invited to dinner with a friend. She cooked for me and then we spent the evening making play dough and watching moana (brilliant film) I actually ended up staying over night as I couldn't be bothered to walk all the way home again.

26th April: I had a hospital appointment for my preop assessment checks. Then in the afternoon, I had an interview for a job that I didn't tell anyone about - I only gone and got that job, didn't I? I then spent the evening with Emma, my housemate. 

27th April: I had a trio rehearsal - it was the first time playing the flute since the concert with Greg's family - it hurt quite a lot! I then braved it and finally cut 5 inches off of my hair! The first proper haircut I've had in over two years! By gosh did it need it!! I went to my friend's house again for dinner before we went out to Ladies Night. Afterwards, I went home and ended up sitting in the kitchen with the boys in my house, "watching" football. 

28th April: I had another rehearsal for trio and then again spent the evening with my housemate and ended up socialising with the majority of people that live in my flat! 

29th April: Emma and I had a day binge watching session of Riverdale - we've got three episodes left and I really didn't want to stop! In the evening, I went out to a surprise birthday get together for one of my friends. It was a lot of fun! 

30th April: I went to church and then went to lunch afterwards. I came home and skyped Greg before I went off for a trial shift at Zee Bar which is the student union bar. It was the biggest test for anxiety in the world and was so stressful, but I actually really enjoyed it once I got into the swing of things! I got the job!!!! 

 This month I feel like I really stomped anxiety down and felt like I had some very small wins in gaining control over my own life and I'm super proud of it! 

Happy May everyone and I hope you all had a brilliant April!

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