First Glimpse of Summer


Last week, we had the first glimpse of summer with the temperatures reaching up to 25 degrees celsius. The sun was shining and there were blue skies. It was the best and made me so happy and cheerful! Greg was here to stay for a couple of days, as you probably know if you read my last post or follow my twitter. We had a few disasters whilst holding down the fort when Mum and Peter (my stepdad) were away in Cornwall. But most of the time, it was pretty awesome and made me really look forward to when we have our own little place together. 

Thursday, I took Siobhan, Greg and I to see my Grandpa in Suffolk. He has been quite poorly recently, suffering from bladder cancer and I've been feeling rather guilty that I haven't seen him in ages - mainly due to the fact that I'm away in Chichester for University so physically cannot see him. It was lovely to see that he was actually in really good health and he looked really well. He even took us all to Felixstowe and treated us to Fish and Chips by the beach. Unfortunately, but also luckily, as soon as we stepped out of the car at his house, I had a migraine start - a big bummer! So I spent the majority of the car ride to Felixstowe with my eyes shut waiting for the flashing to stop! I also sat eating the fish and chips, in a restaurant with my sunglasses on - I must have looked really silly! 

Friday was just a chill day, we only headed into town to go present shopping for Greg's mum. Greg found a really nice pair of shoes in TJ Hughes (not the same as TKMaxx/TJMaxx but very similar) for £15 instead of £40 and I managed to find the exact same mug that I broke, so replaced it. Dad came to pick up Siobhan in the evening and Greg and I treated ourselves to Dominos!! 

On Saturday, Greg and I packed a picnic and went off to the big park to sit in the sun. It was lovely! The afternoon, I spent in the kitchen making lemon drizzle cake and coconut ice. This is something I really enjoy about being back home in mum's kitchen is that she has all the basic ingredients to make things - I don't have to go out and buy extras! We celebrated our two and a half year anniversary in the evening! 

Sunday was the hottest day of the year so far!! However, rather than going out in it, I used it to do a lot of clothes washing and hung it up outside to dry. We also took the opportunity of my bed breaking to tidy and clear out my bedroom! It's a lot harder than it seems you know, especially when you're a hoarder like me. I cooked plaice for dinner, greek style which was really yummy! Greg said it was the best fish dinner ever cooked for him (I keep gaining girlfriend points!) 

Monday, the weather had started cooling down! Greg and I went off to the National Trust Park in a village about a 15 minute drive away. It is a beautiful meadow and forest land, a lovely little walk. Greg absolutely loved it there - we will definitely be going back with a picnic in the summer! 

Monday afternoon, I made my sister a birthday cake, my first proper big cake! It was rather exciting but I was also worried about what it was going to turn out like. It has come out really well and even my mum liked it (which is a big thing as she's usually very picky) 
Mum and Peter got back very late Monday evening. Siobhan's birthday was Tuesday and we all had Chinese for dinner! 

How did you spend the weekend? 

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