Coconut Ice


A couple of weeks ago, Greg and I were craving Coconut Ice and rather than buying some from the shop, I decided to try and make my own. As I was at home home, I knew mum would have the majority of the ingredients and she has the best little sweet recipe book - which I do actually have in Chichester too. 

I've made fudge before but have never tried to make much else. I really enjoy baking and making my own sweet treats, it's always such great fun! It's quite simple to make and much more rewarding than buying shop made.

My attempt was a great hit, it taste's absolutely amazing! However, I didn't put enough food colouring into the mixture to get that lovely two tone look that coconut ice usually has. I also didn't boil the sugar for long enough so the mixture was very runny and therefore was a little wet meaning that it hasn't firmed up the way it should've done and the sugar has crystallised underneath. But that doesn't hinder the taste one little bit! 

It's a great sweet treat for children to help make and it also makes a great edible gift for friends and family. It'll definitely go down a treat. My recipe uses coconut milk instead of cow's milk which enhances the flavour and also means it's great for those who are lactofree like me! It means I can eat lots of it without ending up with tummy ache like I normally do! 

Here's the recipe: 

Have you made any yummy sweet treats recently?

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