Celebrating Our Two & A Half Years


Last month, Greg and I celebrated two and a half years together. However, due to being incredibly busy, we didn't really do anything other than have a chilled night with a curry. 
So on Saturday, we decided to celebrate it properly and head to our favourite place - Miller and Carter!! It's our place for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. 

We both dressed up nicely and were hungry by about 6.30pm so we left for the restaurant and arrived at 7pm. We could tell that it was going to be a busy night as it was a Saturday, but also because the car park was packed! I was silly and hadn't actually booked a table, so we were walk ins. A couple told us, as we pulled in that we could be waiting for an hour and 20 minutes, before they were able to find us a table. 

When we got to the reception area and finally saw someone, he confirmed the wait would be a while. But Greg and I decided that we would chance our arm, as the food was so delicious and would be worth the wait, so the waiter gave us a beeper thing (I don't know the technical term for this!) and we sat in the bar to have a drink. Greg had a beer for the first time in about 7 weeks (he had given it up for the 40 days of lent and had started early so finished early) and I had a glass of wine. I also had to get a packet of crisps because I was so hungry. They were very nice crisps though - Tyrrells Sweet Chilli and Red Pepper! 

Greg and I sat chatting about random things for a while, including our experience of rollercoasters which neither of us particularly like, trying to pass the time and wait for a table to become available. An hour passed, then another twenty minutes, then another ten... Then before we knew it, we had been waiting for 2 hours. We had watched other people who came in after us get a table, but really thought nothing of it. But by the time it came around to 2 hours, we were questioning it. So Greg walked up to the desk and said "We've been waiting 2 hours, do you think there'll be a table ready soon?" to which the waiter (who I think was a manager) was very surprised at, in fact very shocked we had been waiting for so long! They had forgotten about us!!! He found us a table almost immediately. 

Once seated, we ordered more drinks - I opted for a Mango Melba Mocktail - mango puree, strawberry puree topped with lemonade (which was absolutely delicious!!!!) and Greg had another of what he had drunk in the bar (Southwold Bitter) Once the drinks arrived the waiter that had seated us had came over to tell us the first round of drinks were on the bar. 

3 hours after walking in to the restaurant, we finally got to eat!! Greg and I were so, so hungry it was ridiculous, but as per, well worth the wait and the food made up for having to wait for so long. They say hunger is the best appetiser, right?
We ordered the Sharing Platter to start with which included:

Hoisin Duck Wings
Barbecue Chicken Wings
Salt and Pepper Calamari 

I was going to take a picture of it just after it arrived but umm.. I was too hungry for that and we had already started to destroy it by the time I remembered! 

Not long after our starters were cleared our mains came out! The starter usually makes me feel quite full, however, this time it had done quite the opposite. I was looking forward to eating the meal.

I had Medium 8oz Sirloin Steak with Beef Dripping and Garlic Mayo on my wedge, Greg had the same but had 12oz and Parmesan on top of his wedge. I never normally finish the meal, but Saturday, we both devoured the meals. It was so yummy and well worth the wait.  

When it came to paying the bill, the waiter came over with it and said to us, 
"everything that could've gone wrong tonight has gone wrong, we're really sorry about our major balls up whilst you were waiting so I've only charged you for your steaks. I don't want you to think this is what happens every Saturday."
 I could see as the evening went on how stressed he was and also overheard a customer confrontation with him that left him quite shaken (he came straight to our table after.) As a waitress myself, I know how stressful it can be so just spoke to him with forgiveness and politeness - it wasn't his fault. Greg and I both thought that it was really lovely that they had only charged us for our main meals so despite having to wait all that time, the food was worth it and being polite paid off. We left them a big tip because they deserved it!! 
We still went away very happy!

They say trouble comes in threes - well in my case it comes in fours! Last Thursday, my bed frame broke (and before you ask, nothing remotely interesting was happening - Greg just sat down and the slat supports gave way, snapped!) so we have no bed, instead setting up camp in the lounge! 

I broke mum's cup in the middle of the night, smashed the handle - but luckily managed to find an identical one when out shopping the other day so have replaced it. Pimms (my cat) managed to knock his food bowl of the work top - if he wasn't so greedy and had waited for me to put the bowl on the ground it wouldn't have happened!! And we were forgotten about in Miller & Carter! Surely my bad luck is up now??? 

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