Brooklyn Blackout Birthday Cake


The 11th April saw my sister's 16th birthday. As my mum was away in Cornwall the weekend before, she left me in charge of baking Siobhan's birthday cake. It was quite a big task for me, who'd only ever baked cupcakes. I was really worried that I would completely ruin it and wouldn't be able to make a decent job of it. 

It is a real chocolate fest and great for chocolate lovers!! 
Greg sat in the kitchen with me whilst I baked it because at the time of making it, I couldn't have chocolate due to lent. He was my taste tester. I really enjoyed baking this cake and when mum came back, she told me that this was the cake that she was going to make. 
I actually managed to make it well, not over mixed and mum even enjoyed it - and she's very fussy and picky about cakes. It made me very happy! In fact it was quite easy to make, and it's showed me that I can make a big cake as well as little cupcakes!

I did a little adaptation of the recipe to make it lactofree and rather than having three tiers it only had two, using the same amount of ingredients. It also had a middle of chocolate buttercream instead of using the eggless chocolate custard. I found halving the chocolate custard recipe to be quite beneficial.

Here's the recipe: 


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