Blog Goals - April 2017


Spring is most definitely upon us! The evenings are getting lighter, the sun is shining more often and the weather seems to be warming up - and I am feeling much happier. I'm home for the Easter Holidays, which I can't quite believe because when I go back, I have 4 weeks left of my second year at uni and I'll be half way through my degree. It's quite scary how fast time seems to be going nowadays. I think back to when I was waiting to finish school and that seemed to drag! Why does time speed up as you get older? 

Before I get on with setting my Blog Goals for April, I want to go back and have a look at the goals I set for March. (I'm still doing good with the no chocolate thing and I think my tummy is liking it - I'm lactose intolerant but bad a being strict!!!) 

Reach 800 Followers on Twitter - Done and Dusted! In fact, with your help, I smashed this goal and have reached 1,074 followers! Thank you so much everybody! It really is all down to you and thank you for wanting to read what I put up
 Use Bloglovin' to Read More Blogs  - I was a bit sketchy with this one. At times, I read lots of blog posts and commented on them, others I didn't. So I say it's more half and half - I'll roll this one forward to this month! 

Start and Finish a Book - I actually finished this one too!! I read After You - Jojo Moyes and even started and got half way through Chocolat! (shall I do a book review?) 
Increase Blog Schedule to 3 Times a Week - MAJOR FAIL!!! Life got in the way, March was busy, busy and I couldn't keep up with my life and blog life! I'm sorry, I'm such an awful blogger! 
Show Up to Twitter Chat's On Time - I think the few I did catch, I was on time for. But like I said with the previous goal, life got in the way. So I didn't join in with many. SORRY!!!
Now for my April Blog Goals - maybe I can stick to them better than I could March!

One: Reach 200 Followers on Bloglovin' 

I really enjoy reading other people's blogs and I hope people find mine interesting too. I love using Bloglovin' as a place to see all the wonderful blog posts people write. I would love to increase my following on there, like I did on Twitter! 

 Two: Interact With and Comment on Other Blog's

The blogging community is so big and most often the people I have met through it have been so welcoming and loving, it warms my heart. Especially John from John's Road to Volunteering and Becca from Myself & Jake who are always cropping up in my mentions! They are two wonderful, lovely people who I really admire! (You should definitely go check them out!) I want to find more people like these two who I can start to talk to more often and get to know a little better (I even want to get to know these two better!) 

Three: Write at least Two Blog Posts a Week

Maybe I can achieve this one more than I could achieve three in a week! I love writing, it's just finding the time, and the discipline to do so! I'm almost finished uni for the year, so I'll have lots of time in the summer, in between working to write posts. I do have to be careful at the moment because I'm suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury. 

Four: Read Two Books

I read one book last month, half way through another - so let's see if I can finish that and start another before May begins. I really do love reading and had forgotten how relaxing and therapeutic it is. It's so magical being transported into a different world. 

Five: Reply to Comments Left on Blog Posts

I'm awful and replying to comments left on my blog posts! I'm sorry!! I promise to reply on the same day! I do read them all though!

What are your goals for this month?

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