A Taste of The Sea - Plaice


As the weather was lovely and warm last Sunday, reaching 25 degrees celsius, Greg and I decided to cook fish in the evening. Fish, I find, is often a perfect dish for those hot days, especially Greek style. Mum gets orders of fresh fish from Grimsby delivered every couple of months and then freezes them for future use. As I was home for the holidays and alone, we had full raid (permission granted) of the freezer and its contents. 
Greg and I both decided on having plaice! I left Greg with free reign of the few fish recipe books mum has on the shelf and he chose a really yummy recipe from a Rick Stein book. We made our own chips and served it with a salad and homemade dressing. 
I thought I would share the recipe with you! Enjoy!!

The handmade chips and the salad dressing are also very easy to make:

It was very very yummy and I'll definitely be making it again! Greg told me that it was the best home cooked fish dish he'd every had. It turned out pretty good for my first time cooking proper fish. The only bit that didn't go so well, was that I had put it too close the grill and it started sparking as the oil hit the hot metal at the top.

Let me know if you make this! Are there any fish recipes you really like to eat? 

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