2017 March RoundUp


Chapter 3 of 2017 done and dusted and already 7 days in to Chapter 4. I missed February's roundup, but honestly, nothing special happened. March, on the other hand, was a super busy month for me! 

I did A LOT of Practice!!!! 

15th/16th March: I travelled up to see Greg in London!! The first time I'd seen him in three weeks so this was lovely! We had curry on the night I got there and just chilled watching Doctor Who. Then the Thursday, we took a long walk into the next town to go to the Doctors (a waste of time but hey-ho!) Spent the rest of the time chilling before I had to go back to Chichester. I wrote more about it in this post.

17th March: I performed in the University of Chichester Sinfonietta Concert - the theme of the concert was "New Music Chi" - new compositions written by students at the uni this academic year. This year featuring an animalistic theme, we all had to wear something that was hinting subtly at animals - I wore cat earrings! 

18th/19th March: I worked up at Goodwood! It was an interesting experience! I worked on a little coffee bar, it got very busy! And my legs got very tired, especially cycling there! But overall it was a good little earner! Even if I did have to wear a little bow tie! It was noisy but we got to see a bonus firework display!

24th March: I went home to surprise my mum! I actually managed to catch an earlier train and as my dad was off all day, he picked me up from the train station about lunch time. We went off to Sainsbury's so I could get mum some pretty flowers then I went to hide at dad's for the rest of the afternoon until I got an okay text from my stepdad. He managed to keep her upstairs so I could sneak to the front door and ring the bell. Apparently she rolled her eyes when asked if she could get it, but she was very surprised when she saw me and she cried! Mum has emotions after all :O! She then tried to brush it off as if she had known all along - yeah right! They were going out to dinner for my stepdad's leaving meal so I went back to my dad's to have fish and chips.

25th March: I had another flute lesson in London with a Royal College of Music professor of Flute and I got to see Greg! However, it wasn't all fun and games as I discovered/realised that I am suffering from RSI and am not allowed to play for a month! It was very upsetting and quite painful as I had a rehearsal for Greg's mummy's concert the following week so lots of playing. His parents treated us to a curry in the evening though as an advanced thank you for participating in the concert.

26th March: Mother's Day!! Mum cooked the roast dinner and we actually went to Braintree Freeport (the designer outlet village). She treated me to a couple of new things. It really was a successful trip! We visited the Cosmetics Company Store (all the Estee Lauder umbrella brands) and oh wow, the prices in there are incredibly amazing, and I'll definitely be visiting there again! She bought me Origins Zero Oil Deep Cleanser for £6.25 instead of the usual RRP £16.50. Mum and I visited the Bags Etc. Store and she actually treated herself to a new bag, and my new brown leather backpack bag (see below) normally £120 was actually free in the BOGOF with her bag. We also visited the Clarks Factory Shop and she treated me to beautiful new shoes, pink platform shoes down to £35 instead of £55! 

27th March: Hospital Appointment day! This was also the day where I had a meeting with the head of music who said I had to mitigate my exams. Then after that I went to the hospital for a Gynae appointment - luckily the hospital is right next to the university so I didn't have too far to travel. I am now scheduled to have an operation on the 16th May. 

30th/31st March: Solo Concerto Debut that I was supposed to do was actually cancelled unfortunately! Because he couldn't find the orchestral parts that went with the concerto that I was doing. Probably just as well as I have RSI So instead on the 28th, Greg came down!

28th/31st March: Greg came to visit!! :D We cooked every night from scratch and ended up going on an 8 mile walk up to Goodwood House as one of the days was so lovely! We then caught the same train home and I stayed the night at his as I was performing in a concert with him the next day. 

I was also terrible at keeping up with the blog and only managed to get 7 posts up - but here are theones I did manage to get up:

What did your March look like? I also hope you have a great April!

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