20 Things I Love About Spring


It is well and truly spring, especially as we've now had Easter Sunday. The days are warmer, the evenings lighter and the flowers are in full bloom. This time of year makes me so very happy. The grey, miserable, dull winter mood is lifting and every thing seems to gain life again. It also makes me excited for summer. 
So here are 20 Things I love about Spring!

1. The smell of fresh air 

2. Sunshine and Blue Skies

3. The Birds singing

4. Blossoming trees

5. Flowers

6. The Warm Days

7. Drying clothes outside on the line

8. Lighter Mornings

9. Lighter Evenings

10. Wearing Sunglasses

11. Picnics and Long Walks

12. Positivity and Happiness

13. Pastel Colours

14. Easter - You can eat all the chocolate and signifies new beginnings

15. Looking forward to the summer

16. The variety of fruit that appears in the shops - British strawberries and raspberries, mango, peaches, plums ; all seem to taste better in the summer compared to over the winter

17. Spring Cleaning and blowing away the cobwebs

18. Baby animals including chicks, duckling, cygnets

19. Getting rid of layers of clothing - feeling lighter and not so bundled up

20. Smell of freshly cut grass - I suppose this sort of ties in with the first one, but the smell of freshly cut grass is the best!

What do you like most about the spring?

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