Looking Forward to March 2017


This month is going to be awfully busy in my uni/personal life. Other than the normal day to day routine of lectures, lessons and a hell of a lot of flute practice, I've got some really big, mostly exciting but also a little nerve-wracking things happening. As with the other two months that have just flown by, I'm sure this month is going to go as quickly! I'm excited to be heading into this month.

Here's the things on my agenda:

  • 15th/16th March: I'm seeing Greg again! Oh my - I'm so excited for this that I'm literally counting down the days! It's been the longest time apart from him for a long while and as you've probably noticed on my twitter, I'm struggling! 

  • 17th March: University of Chichester Sinfonietta Concert - I'm performing again. It's what I love to do and it's concert 1/3 this month. I'm looking forward to it as the theme of the concert is "New Music Chi" - new compositions written by students at the uni this academic year. It's always an interesting concert! 

  • 18th/19th March: I'm working up at Goodwood! Woohoo! I've got myself a little casual job as a waitress! It means it's flexible, fitting in around my uni commitments! I'm looking forward to it as after last summer, I've fallen in love with waitressing for big events such as; private functions, weddings and members meetings. 

  • 24th March: I'm going home to surprise my mum for Mother's Day - shhhh don't tell her! 

  • 25th March: I have another flute lesson in London with a Royal College of Music professor of Flute - I love these lessons and always get excited by them! 

  • 26th March: Mother's Day - I don't know what we'll get up to just yet!

  • 27th March: Scary hospital appointment that I've been waiting for, for ages! I have to be a grown up and go to the hospital by myself! (I hate hospitals with a passion! It's going to be great for my anxiety XD)

  • 30th March: Solo Concerto Debut (UH OH!!! THIS IS A BIG ONE!) Scary, Scary! Also the conductor currently can't find the orchestral parts to what I'm playing - so that makes it 10 times more nerve-wracking! I get to wear a fancy, pretty dress though! 

  • 31st March: Solo Concerto Number 2! This time it'll be at a stunning venue, and fingers crossed, mum and Greg will get to come and see me perform! It's all very very exciting! Then I get to go home home for the Easter Holidays!! (and to perform in another concert on the 1st April with Greg's family!) 
Have you got anything lovely planned this March?

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