Blog Goals - March 2017


How is it March already? This is just crazy, the year is just disappearing in the blink of an eye! I really can't quite keep up with it all! Especially seeing as in two months time, I'll have finished my second year and be half way through my degree. 
February was a bit of a weird month - I started out with good intentions, then got ill and ended up leaving my blog alone for a good two weeks - battling against blogger's block and all sorts! But I've bought my own domain, which is very exciting and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in again! 

For the first time ever, I've decided to actually set myself some achievable goals to help keep my blog going. But before I get on to my blog goals - here's one personal goal: To not eat chocolate or anything chocolatey until Easter Sunday!! (Uh oh, please send help!! I'm not sure I'm going to last!! But then again, I'm making Greg go alcohol free until then too) 

Now for my blog goals:

One: Reach 800 Followers on Twitter

I have found since I set up a Twitter for my blog, it's been viewed so much more and I've really enjoyed getting involved with the blogging community. It's definitely the best thing I could've done and everyone has made me feel so so welcome! The numbers are steadily increasing and as of today, I'm currently at 743 followers. It's not too many more to gain! 

 Two: Use Bloglovin' to Read More Blogs

Over the recent months, I've come to neglect reading other people's blogs and leaving comments. It's something that I actually really enjoy doing. So a goal for this month, is to get back into doing it and maybe increase my followers there a little too!

Three: Start and Finish a Book

One of my main life goals this year, was to read more - I haven't done this yet! So one of my goals this month is to read at least ONE book from cover to cover! Starting with After You - JoJo Moyes.

Four: Increase Blog Schedule to 3 a week

Uh oh, if you know me, this is a biiiiiiig one! I'm a bit rubbish when it comes to writing posts! I'm very bad at writing in advance and scheduling, because I'm constantly suffering from blogger's block! But I plan to change this! I've already written three posts in a day. 
Pinterest (which I'm using so much more) is definitely helping to create ideas and my trusty notebook for writing ideas down in! Oh and I want to improve my photography skills - they are not the best!

Five: Show up to Twitter Chats ON TIME!!

HAHAHAHA! I'm already laughing at myself for this one as I'm always turning up so bloody late! Part of having a blog twitter has meant that I can join in with all these Twitter Chats that happen and it's always great to talk! I am really enjoying talking to so many people that have made me feel so welcome and I'm definitely finding new friends! 
But as I said, I'm always turning up late or getting distracted half way through - it's probably also because I have no idea when they are all happening - CAN ANYONE HELP?

What are your goals for March?

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