Valentine's Week


I'm back with my own domain name (it's all very exciting!!). I feel like a bad blogger as I mentioned over on Twitter, because I messed up my posting schedule, I was absent from chats and social media - nothing was promoted so there were no new reads on my blog. But honestly, I didn't care. I spent some time in the real world, rather than wrapped up in cyberworld.  Valentine's week, Greg came down to visit me, and we spent some quality time enjoying each other's company. Greg is all too often complaining that I'm always on my phone and not paying enough attention. So that's what I did, I put my phone down and my laptop off (other than to watch Netflix) and spent some quality time together. 

Then last week, I started some new medication, which made me feel sick. I was at home home for a couple of days, then came back to Chichester for three day intensive rehearsals for a concert on Saturday! I've just been so tired recently, so left everything alone for a while - as there is no point trying to do something with lack of energy. 

Back to Valentine's Week!!  
Tuesday - Greg came down to see me - he told me that he'd missed his train and had to wait to get the next one, therefore was coming in 30 minutes later than originally planned. I was sad but it meant I had an extra half an hour to get ready, get the rest of his present and get him coffee and a muffin, as he had been up for ages! Then as I was walking to the station, I got a text asking where was I! When I arrived at the station, there he was standing there, having got in at the original time, with 13 roses and a bottle of wine!! Something I was not expecting, I was very happy!! He was also very chuffed with the home made card and his presents.

We decided to have a picnic and to go for a walk (after dropping off the stuff of course). However, the original walk we planned was cut short, because I fell off the kerb and hurt my knee and Greg was feeling sore from playing squash with his friends at the weekend. So we just went to the Quarry Lakes instead of all the way down the canal. 
We rewarded ourselves with Chinese takeaway in the evening. 

Wednesday, we took a trip to the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth as we never finished it last November (the tickets last a year!) We took our left over Chinese and had it for lunch - though I forgot the forks and we had to dive into a coop and buy some fruit pots! 
We also narrowly missed the rain whilst having lunch! It was a good day! I made Chilli Con Carne for dinner in my instant pot! 

Thursday - we had a nice little chilled day! Greg did some trombone practice and I did some work for uni. The most exciting thing we did, was go and do a shop in Sainsbury's. We also went out that evening with my friends, to The Vestry, which is a plub type thing. I got quite drunk and the evening is quite patchy. But it was incredibly eventful - the less said the better! The night didn't go too well (not for me or Greg but for a friend). 


Friday - a day of suffering!!! I woke up feeling rather worse for wear. I was going home that day as mum was coming to pick me up. I also had a doctors appointment that I had to go to (I dragged Greg along with me).  As usual, they took their sweet, sweet time! We got back and had bacon and eggs and toast! Then cleaned the kitchen, whilst I skipped my lecture (shhh). Before long, mum and Peter had arrived to take us home! 
The journey home wasn't too bad and it went quicker than I thought it would. Greg and I cheated for dinner and had Dominos. 

Saturday - we chilled! We had a picnic in our usual spot, went to Hobbycraft and TKMaxx then went to see my dad and spent some time with him. We had dinner with mum and Peter that evening.

Sunday, I drove Greg back to his and we spent the day there. We went for a lovely walk up in the hills and walked from Theydon Bois to Epping Station and caught the tube back. It took us a couple of hours. I love going for walks, it's so refreshing! Then that evening, we had our Valentine's Date night! Curry, of course! It was very yummy! I got to dress up in my new dress, Greg bought me for Valentine's day and I even wore heels (which I'm so not used to wearing!) 
I had to say goodbye not long after we got back from dinner, which was difficult because I'd just spent so long with him and was going back to Chichester and wouldn't see him for a few weeks. I always find the goodbyes difficult!! (He did turn up at the train station to say goodbye on Wednesday when I returned to Chi, which was lovely)


I apologise for this post being so rambly and long! 
Did you get up to anything nice for Valentine's?

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