The A - Z of Me!


In a couple of the posts I wrote about in 5 Blog Posts to Kerb Blogger's Block, a blog post suggestion was to write The A - Z of Me! I thought it was a good idea as it also lets you know a little bit more about the person behind the blog! 

So here's my A - Z: 

Anxiety - I suffer from anxiety! Somedays are worse than others, but recently it's been quite bad. Especially since coming back to uni this side of Christmas. I wrote about it in An Anxious Mind. It's something I'm working on!! 

Burgers - I really, really don't like eating burgers. I'm not sure what it is that I don't like about them, whether it's the taste or texture - but if there's something else on the menu I'll definitely chose the other. 

Chocolate - Mmm... chocolate! I've just finished a nice mug of hot chocolate! I love chocolate, anything chocolatey I will take and eat. Not a big fan of white chocolate so much - it makes my tongue sore! I particularly like Guylian Chocolates! 

Disney - who doesn't love Disney films? I especially like Winnie-the-Pooh and the Aristocats! Though of course I like the Disney Princess films with Beauty and the Beast being my all time favourite! 

Elephants - I love elephants! I think they are so cute! I have a little fluffy toy/wheat bag elephant named Mr Ellie, which Greg bought me as we have a long running joke that I'm an elephant!  

Flute - the main reason that I'm at uni is because I play the flute and I'm studying music. I've been playing for nearly 11 years now. I'm trying my very best to master this beautiful instrument and trying to clock up to 4 hours of practice each day. I wrote about The Power and Beauty of Music last year. 

Greg - My boyfriend, my other half, my best friend! We've been together for almost 2 and a half years! 

Helen - my middle name of course! (if no one had guessed from my blog name!) 

IceCream - I love icecream! Especially Mint Choc Chip flavoured icecream. There's a lovely little shop in Felixstowe that makes their own ice-cream and it's yummy! 

Jade - the name of my cousin, but also such a pretty gemstone! 

Kitchen - I love cooking, I love baking! I love experimenting and trying out new recipes excites me! 

Lactose - I'm lactose intolerant! So although I love Ice-cream and Chocolate, too much of it makes me feel really sick! And that's a real bummer! 

Music - my whole life of course! Because without it, I wouldn't play the flute or be at uni studying it! And hopefully one day, it'll be my job! 

Norfolk - Greg and I went on holiday to Norfolk last year and I just fell in love with it because it's such a beautiful county! We are definitely going to go back at some point! 

Oranges - I'm also allergic/intolerant to citrus fruit. Especially oranges! It's really annoying seeing as I used to love oranges, but I got used to it and now I can't even stand the smell of them. Weird how it works! 

Pixie and Pimms - My two puddy-tats! They have helped me so much with my anxiety and have brought so much joy into my life! Check out the blog post I wrote about them for Tea in the Tub: Fleabag Friday

Quotes - I love reading inspirational quotes! They just make me so happy and give me a little boost of energy or motivation that I sometimes need to continue doing in my day! I love a good Quote board on Pinterest!

Raspberries - one of my favourite fruits in the world! I would sit and eat a whole punnet if could and they weren't so expensive! I wish they would put more in. I also remember as a child going to pick our own, and eating the majority off the bushes rather than putting them in the box! 

Siobhán - my little sister, 4 years younger than me.

Tonsils - which I don't have! They were taken out two years ago! I got recurrent tonsillitis and honestly having them out was the best thing I could've done! As soon as they were out, I was much better!

Undergraduate - I'm a music undergraduate at the University of Chichester! (I asked Greg for a word and apparently the first word to come into his head was ugly)

Victoria - Well what else was it going to be other than my first name?

Wicked - it's my favourite musical! I've already seen it twice and have listened to the soundtrack a numerous amount of times! But want to go back and see it again of course!! 

X-Ray - I've had two of these in the past - one when I dropped a brick on my foot and I couldn't walk on it for ages. And the second when there was a suspected stress fracture in my ankle from all the gymnastics I used to do. 

Yankee Candles - I love them so much! I used to work in a garden centre that sold them, so would always go and sniff them when I got a chance! Greg got me five different flavours(?) for Christmas! I would buy the whole shop if I could! 

Zoo - I know many people are against Zoos but personally I love them and really enjoy seeing the animals! Greg and I went to Colchester Zoo last summer! 

Phew, I made it to the end! That was trickier than it looked!! I hope you enjoyed this post! 


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