2017 January RoundUp


January 2017 is done, finished, finito! Chapter 2 of 2017 has started and I'm hoping that it's 100X better than Chapter 1 of this year. 

January is always such a dull and dreary month. I spent two weeks of it at home, finishing off the Christmas holidays and it snowed! Heavily snowed, though unfortunately it didn't settle for very long at all! Greg and I went for a walk to the shops in the snow, which was great fun (but cold.)

Then I had to leave and come back to Chichester for semester 2 of year 2! Something I really struggle with is leaving home, especially this year! I wrote about my struggles in An Anxious Mind. I've been really struggling personally since I came back home - I've fallen back into a bad place with Mental Health. I've been at the hospital a couple of times, a few doctors appointments and a scary blood test - now just have to wait for a referral to actually see someone at the hospital.

 I've been feeling so alone, like I'm easily forgotten about. Having Greg so far away when I'm at uni is a real struggle, especially though he did come and see me out of the blue and we went on some Adventures!

I really haven't done much this January! I have been doing A LOT of Flute practice - averaging about 4 hours a day as I have nothing better to do! I went up to London for a flute lesson (an expensive flute lesson) then spent the weekend at Greg's - watched him play a gig. I left the blog alone for a while - I left social media for a while, because I felt so overwhelmed and I was struggling. 

I did manage to get 10 blog posts up in January and I'm hoping that I will continue to find motivation and inspiration to keep it up, because I love blogging!

What was your January like? I hope it was more exciting 

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