Following on from my last post An Anxious Mind, this week has been a struggle. 
I had a hospital appointment on Monday and the day ended in a panic attack - great start to the week. I had been waiting for it to happen over the weekend - I wasn't alone and contrary, I felt better after. Greg skyped me (I had called him during!) and he decided to book a train almost last minute to come and see me, to cheer me up! I was very emotional! Though I really did need him! 

I still had a few things to do - see the house for next year, spend time with the girls and a few uni things. But it was lovely coming home to him. He took me out for lunch when he arrived and paid for the curry (it's become our staple comfort food - that or pizza which we had yesterday!) 

Greg and I like to go on adventures! We like walking and exploring - well more often than not he is more adventurous than me! Chichester is surrounded by some beautiful, beautiful countryside! So we went exploring. It was ever so cold, but it was such a lovely day! Got a bit muddy - but we walked about 4 miles. There was so much wildlife and some lovely views - I wish I had a proper camera so it picked up the real beauty that my eyes were seeing! 

I'm so glad he came down, I feel so much better for it! I had a day without makeup and things are beginning to look on the up! 
He went home this morning and although I really am missing him so much (as always!) I turned that focus into practise motivation - and have done 3 hours of flute practise! He's also sprayed my teddy bear with his aftershave! XD 

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