5 Blog Posts to Kerb Blogger's Block


If you're anything like me, and I'm pretty sure most of you aren't, you'll get blogger's block and lack of inspiration and motivation. Well, that's what happens to me anyway. Pretty much, from July last year until the last few days of December, I didn't touch my blog and I didn't know what to write about. I had a few posts stashed away in my drafts, but there they stayed. 

I'm still finding my feet with blogging, how many posts I should do, what I should write about. I love doing it, but it often is forgotten about and becomes something I lack inspiration and motivation for. I do get downhearted when I see some wonderful, wonderful blogs out there and look at my little space of the internet. Especially recently as I've been increasing the amount of blogs I have been reading, which is mostly down to discovering Bloglovin' and using it to death. 

There are 5 blogs that I have come across that I have loved and have some excellent blog posts to keep the motivation and inspiration going for your own blog. I really do suggest you go over and read them! I definitely will be using them this year, to keep my own blog going. 

It's Lauren Victoria a.k.a Lauren

I've recently come across her blog and love it!! Lauren has such great tips to do with anything - beauty, fashion, lifestyle! With so many blogging tips and inspiration particularly 55 Blog Post Ideas To Kick Off 2017 which has a variety of different categories to suit everybody! 

Thirteen Thoughts a.k.a Paula

I think I've been following Thirteen Thoughts for a little while, but can't quite remember. I love her blog and her photography is gorgeous! She often shares lots of inspirational and useful posts. They are easy to follow and read. 
Blog Tips: 7 Things to Do When You Feel *Stuck*  has been a recent favourite of mine as like I said at the beginning, I'm forever feeling stuck and these are brilliant tips to help overcome that feeling.

A Glass of Ice a.k.a Gabrielle 

I've only recently come across A Glass of Ice but instantly fell in love with her. The photography is stunning and the blog posts are always easy to follow. I love the layout of her blog and she always has useful tips and interesting reads. One of her January 2017 posts, talks about 7 Ways To Refresh Your Blog For 2017. It was really great advice as sometimes all you need to get back into blogging again is a bit of a spring clean and you're happy with the way it looks again, something I've done on several occasions. So if you're unhappy with your blog, hop on over to A Glass of Ice and follow her brilliant advice. 

Again, I'm new to Sophia's blog, but from the few posts I've seen, I'm really excited to continue reading her blog. She's written 104 Blog Post Ideas to Keep You Inspired and I'll tell you what, it does just that! As she says the possibilities are endless for ideas for blog posts and she just states a few to give you the motivation. I instantly saved it under my "Inspiration" collection on Bloglovin'

Amanda Jayne has written a monster blog post full of ideas! Honestly, with this one The Master Post of Blog Post Ideas: 476 Ideas for Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers I don't think you'd ever be stuck for blog ideas for a long time! And I, for one, will definitely be taking a few ideas for my blog! 

I can't recommend these blogs highly enough! If you haven't already done so, go and check them out! 


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