2016 In Reflection - January/February/March/April


I can't believe that another year has just flown past in the blink of an eye. I really can't remember much of what happened last year when I just quickly think back - my memory seems like a sieve at the moment (doesn't bode well considering I'm only 20 does it?). So I thought what better way to remember everything that I did last year in a reflection post of 2016. Especially as I missed blogging from July up 'til December *slaps wrists*. 

It is going to be a gradual post, going up in three parts covering four months each.
So keep checking back for the next instalment. I know it's a little bit late but here it is!
This first post covers January, February, March and April!


It began with me seeing in the New Year with Greg and his family and having my first NYE kiss. I mean at this point we had already crossed one year, but I was supposed to be having my tonsils out at the end of 2014 so I didn't see him to ring in 2015. 
The rest of the month was pretty slow, which I was grateful for as December had been a very, very busy month. What with my mum's wedding and Christmas only a couple of days a part, there wasn't much time to breathe. I finally collected my A Level certificates from my old secondary school and whilst I was sat there I realised just how much I'd changed since being at school. I really didn't miss it one little bit! I also found out that I'd got a First, in my first semester module!!!! I was very pleased with that! 
I had a flute with Gitte Marcusson (professor of flute at the Royal College of Music) which was amazing. I've had a fair few since last January but it really makes me want to work super hard. Then I was back to uni for my second semester of first year, it's always sad leaving for uni after spending time at home. Particularly saying goodbye to the cats - Pixie wanted to come with me! 


February, was almost just as slow as January. It was pancake day, so my best friend and I decided to have a girly night and I made pancakes for the first time! It was such good fun and we actually managed to flip them on several occasions! 

We got a reading week in February, which luckily coincided with Valentines Day! That was lovely because it meant I could spend it at home, here in Essex and be closer to Greg, have the car and get to do something fun for it! He got me some gorgeous roses and a beautiful pair of earrings to match my ring and necklace!


Greg and I spent Valentines day in Ely - somewhere that I'd never been to before and is absolutely beautiful! I want to go back there! He stayed Valentines Weekend and we went home, had Chinese and watched Lord of the Rings (I hadn't watched it before - he's in the process of "educating" me with films). On Sunday, we had a chill day, went for a walk, made more pancakes (now I'm an expert) played scrabble and made dinner. 

I spent the rest of the week with my family and again with Greg. I had another amazing flute lesson with Gitte and went back to Chichester. 
My uni friends and I found our house for second year finally! And we went bowling with Greg (as he came down to visit) 


By March, things were starting to pick up quite a lot! I had an interview for a job at uni which I didn't get - not surprised because I was so nervous. The timetable came out for performance exams. Greg and I celebrated our year and a half together by going to Smith and Western in Chichester. A lovely steak house, if not a bit crazy too!  

I had my first concert with the University of Chichester Sinfonietta, which was full of really odd, strange music, as you'd expect from a concert named "New Music Chi". It was my friend, Emma and mine first proper concert, should I say, that wasn't in secondary school. (not sure if I've mentioned before, probably have, but Emma and I ended up at the same uni, studying the same thing, coming from the same school and same town. It was really handy and helped us settle in quicker!) 
I got drunk for the first time! Something, which is a big thing for me! Alcohol tends to heighten my anxiety, meaning I start feeling very anxious and panicky (if you would like me too, I will write a post about my struggles with anxiety in the future). Particularly when my belly starts to feel a little icky, or I'm beginning to lose control a little. Usually the only time I am able to drink is with Greg around (which he was) and I enjoyed it!! 

Then soon enough I was back home again with the Pixiecat and my family for reading week! Mum and I visited the Antiques Centre in Battlesbridge, Essex and I got a lovely little vase and music sparkly poinsettia. 

The weather was beginning to get a lot warmer so Greg and I decided to go on a little picnic and a walk. I made the cakes and he made the bread. We went off to Fisher's Green in Lee Valley, Essex/Hertfordshire border. Honestly, it's a stunning place to walk and despite it being the end of March, we had to whip out the sunglasses and strip the jackets off. I remember the swans didn't like us all that much, so we had to walk fairly briskly away from them. You can just see mine and Greg's shadow in the bottom left corner of the picture. 


I was home for much of April, which was very nice! I wasn't getting on with the girls in my flat in halls and I was feeling quite homesick, so to have those moments at home was lovely. Though the only thing about being home is that the freedom is less. 
I visited my longest friend, Sammy near Milton Keynes. Spending the majority of the time messing around with SnapChat filters as you do. The face swap ones are quite scary!

Then Mum and Peter went away for a few days, leaving me in charge of my younger sister, Siobhán. Greg came to help me look after the cats. It was quite nice to spend time with Siobhán and Greg as they both get on and I rarely see them when I'm at uni. 
Also at this point, I was in practise mode for flute and took some lovely artsy photos. What would you think, if I wrote more posts about music/flute playing? 

I also beat my mum at scrabble (she's the S) - may seem a small feat for some but I never used to beat her, now I give her a good run for her money when we are playing.

Siobhán turned 15! I still think of her as a little baby! Uh Oh!! We didn't really do much for her birthday, just had her favourite meal. Mum also made a checker board cake. She likes to try and do something different for our birthday cakes every year and it's always fun to see what she'll come up with! 

Then before long, I was back to Chichester for the last little stretch of first year! With Essays and exams to do! However, my arrival back to my room in halls wasn't completely lovely. I'd had an ongoing issue with my toilet, which later we found out was due to interconnecting toilets between me and the girl next door. So whenever she flushed it went into my toilet and vice versa, not too bad if we were both in at the same time.  Well anyway, she'd been back a week, I hadn't...  You get the gist? IT WAS DISGUSTING!! I was fuming, I'd failed my room inspection because of the problem - something out of my control. So I marched down and showed them the picture evidence and complained. But it's halls, so my complaint is still apparently being "processed". 
Greg came down to visit again and we had lunch in a lovely, lovely little French style café which I adore! A little on the pricey side, but delicious and worthwhile food! 

And that my lovely friends, brings us to the end of April. Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of 2016 in reflection!


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