Happy New Year



With the last few hours of 2016, quickly drawing to a close and celebrations about to begin! 

I'm hoping the new year will bring with it new found happiness and success! Accomplishments and achievements! I have been reading so many blog posts about "2017 goals" and have been really inspired by many of them to think of "resolutions" as "goals" to set for the new year! I often rarely stick to my resolutions, instead end up forgetting about them within two weeks of the new year beginning! So this year I'll set myself some goals to stick to! 

1. To stop living life through my phone! I'm on it way too much as I've said in recent posts and spend more attention to social media and people texting me than I do to the people that I'm spending time with I'm real life and LIVE IN THE MOMENT! 

2. To blog more and to journal more - contradictory to stop living life through my phone - instead I want to blog about my life, put more original content up and to let people see the real me! I will also journal more and handwrite my thoughts and feelings from everyday into one of the many beautiful notebooks I have! It's a good exercise for mindfulness

3. To become healthier and fitter - I need to start incorporating a more varied range of fruits and vegetables into my student meals, to stop being so lazy and sitting in my bed all day watching TV and to start to do more exercise! 

4. To spend more time preparing and organising my life - I always say that I will do that chore or practise tomorrow, but then never get round to actually doing it! So by preparing and organising hopefully I'll be able to do everything I want to do and get things done - like practising more (I'm supposed to do 6 hours a day, but barely even make it to one!!)

5. To wake up and go to bed earlier - I'm often up until goodness knows when and then don't get up until midday sometimes. By this point half the day is gone and I've got nothing done! 

6. Look after myself - I often tire myself out or ignore signs that I'm getting ill or just generally do things that I know my body can't take! So I'm 2017, I'm going to start to look after myself, that way I can then look after those around me who need me! 

7. To say yes to more things - I'm so often a sheep or a mouse and I need to become more of a lion! I need to say yes to doing more things or even just confronting things head on! I hope that by the end of the year I'll be able to tick it off and say I've accomplished it!

8. To work on my relationship with Greg - this year has been a bit of a rollercoaster for us! We stopped talking about how we felt and stopped doing all the mushy things together! We got lazy - like we were a married couple with kids who don't do anything anymore! And that made us sad - so 2017 we are taking as a fresh start to work on us and I know that we'll become a much stronger team! 

9. Read more - I used to love reading - I could read a 700 page book in two days before! But I just seemed to put my reading books down and instead picked up my bloomin' iPhone and that took over! So I forgot to read other than computer screens! I love reading, I love escaping to another world, to someone else's life! Maybe I should even blog about the books I read! 

10. To be happy - happiness is a choice that everyone can make! And I choose it! I'll surround myself with positivity and stop thinking in a negative manner, because that gets me nowhere! And hopefully, by choosing happiness everything else will fall into place 

There's one last thing to say for this year! 

Goodbye 2016! 

And Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is even more successful than this year and it brings lots of joy and happiness! Xx 

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