Christmas 2016


This year, I just didn't feel like it was Christmas one little bit! I didn't feel the hype nor was I as excited as I have been in previous years. I don't know whether that was because I was at uni and we had no decorations or what. But I tried - I was listening to Christmas songs, watching Christmas movies and I'd done my Christmas shopping! None of it worked! 
The first time I felt remotely Christmassy was when I went to my uni's "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" concert (which was absolutely amazing!!)

I drove home last Monday and once I got home, I decorated Christmas tree #1 that lives in the front room - a real one, of course!! It definitely helped me feel the Christmas spirit! I whacked on a Christmas film whilst doing so and was dancing around the tree literally, putting the decorations on! (Oh and trying to fight off the cats - we got a new one so double the trouble!!) 
Siobhán helped too!

Christmas tree #2, I left for Greg and I to put up together! I thought it'd be something cute to do! And it was fun! I honestly can't wait 'til I have my own little house, to make it all Christmassy and how I want it to be! We also went to the Christmas barns - so glittery and pretty!!! I wanted to take everything home from the shop! I made him watch Elf too!! 


Greg and I had our own mini little Christmas gift exchange on the 23rd as we weren't spending Christmas together. 

Christmas Eve was slow and relaxed! We don't do anything special to celebrate! When I was younger we would go to the crib service, but we have since stopped that. Christmas day, I spent with my family. As usual it was quiet and subdued! We always open stocking presents in the morning and tree presents in the afternoon! It makes the day last a bit longer doesn't it? However, I find it's not the same as you get older and some of the Christmas magic is taken away. Mum started cooking lunch (it smelt yummy!) and we had a quiet morning, watching films! Lunch was served at half 1 and then we spent the afternoon playing games and watching all the usual Christmas specials! It was a lovely day as always - though I missed Greg! Boxing day was also very quiet, though Mum and I hit the boxing day sales, which was very successful!

Christmas photo time: (of which Siobhan didn't want to be included!) 



I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and had a very lovely day! What does everyone else do to celebrate Christmas? 

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