Picnic in St James's Park


Hello!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Last week for me was rather busy - especially Wednesday. So busy that I have had to split the day into four blog posts (yes it was that busy!!) So here is instalment one of the day! 

As part of Greg's 21st birthday celebrations, I planned a surprise day out in London! He had no idea what was going on and I was quite excited! I'm usually rubbish at keeping surprises but this time, I managed it!  I started planning it back at the end of May (that's a fair amount of time to keep something quiet, especially for someone like me!!) 

I decided that we'd buy a Tesco's meal deal for lunch (cheating, I know but it's yummy!) Then we hopped onto the tube train and went off to the mysterious location. Greg kept asking me where we were changing; as he pretty much knows everywhere, I tried to keep it as quiet as I possibly could, until right at the last moment. He started complaining that he was hungry... I was too at this point as it was after 1. I told him that he didn't have too long to wait as we were going to stop off on the way in a park for a picnic. He was very confused, "But there are no parks to sit in". 

But he didn't know about St James's Park - I've been here a few times with my dad when we were seeing Wicked (as it's only just round the corner) so I knew that there was a big, beautiful park to sit in. It was somewhere he hadn't been to before (that's a first - he's usually been everywhere!) What lovely weather it was too! So sunny and warm, beautiful! Especially as we've been having such awful weather recently! The park was full of people enjoying the sunshine, which was lovely to see. We sat on a little hill in the shade and ate our lunch. 


I wore my new dress and shoes as I thought that it was appropriate for the day planned. I felt really summery. And I had a new bag for the occasion - which you can slightly see in the corner of the pictures. I enjoyed the sun dried tomato and feta pasta, individual pot of sour cream and onion Pringles, pot of pomegranate, a cinnamon swirl and a innocent smoothie. Greg had a bacon, egg and sausage sandwich, individual pot of sour cream and onion Pringles, some raspberries and a cinnamon bun. Can't remember what he had to drink. 

The view was beautiful as you can see from the picture above and the sky was so blue, with the wispy trails of the planes left behind. It was so beautiful! I thought it was a nice opportunity to take some selfies! I wish Greg would smile in them instead of pulling silly faces!! They would be such nice photos then!! 

He wouldn't smile for a photo with me so I tried to make him smile - didn't work!!

Then I asked him to take some photos of me, full portrait to show my outfit of the day and as I use my iPhone to take photos, he started messing around and took selfies of himself instead of taking the pictures of me! He smiles in these - that's not fair. I was stood for about 5 minutes waiting for him while he was taking these. The he said he'd take a picture properly but nope he took more pictures of his face. 
Then finally he decided he would take some of me - though the lighting isn't all that great - which is a shame otherwise they would've been really nice photos. 
I'm wearing my Ted Baker Sunglasses (my staple piece - I love them to pieces), floral print dress from TU and white pumps from TU.

I tried to see if he would smile for any pictures at all - but no he didn't and purposefully pulled an upside down smile where he was trying not to laugh. I still think they are quite cute pictures though! 


There were such lovely views across the water of Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Memorial one end and Horse Guard's Parade at the other! 

Victoria xx

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