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The day continues... Part 3!

We walked to Victoria station - the last time I was here, I was going back to Chichester - not yet, thank you!! And seeing as it has the same name as me, I did the very touristy thing and took a photo of the sign featuring Greg's wrist and hand, sporting the very lovely watch that I got him for his 21st, haha!!

We hopped on the district line to South Kensington - a place Greg is very familiar with as the Royal College is only 10 minutes away. I felt a bit guilty for going to a place where he goes all the time and especially as he has now finally finished!! But I wanted to go to the Natural History Museum! 

We went round to the entrance on Exhibition Road and skipped the queue - there was a really long one on Cromwell Road, we weren't going to stand in that. I didn't really take many photos as we were going round - I think my battery was beginning to get very low. 
It's a really interesting place though. We didn't look around the Earth history or another section - that bit escapes me now. But we did look around the birds, creepy crawlies and marine fossils in the Green section. 

This display was absolutely fascinating! It was such a beautiful display of small birds - a lot were hummingbirds. It was so interesting to see them up close and shown like this. I know it may not appeal to some, but I think we do need exhibits like these just to help us appreciate the world around us. The whole of the Green Zone was interesting - I saw some wonderful things and was busy enjoying it to take pictures. 

The main reason that I wanted to go to the Natural History Museum was to see the Dinosaurs. Greg has recently just educated me in the films of Jurassic Park - I have watched all four - which I thoroughly enjoyed. So I've gone a bit geeky on the ol' dinosaurs. It amazes me how these creatures are millions of years old, yet we find fossils and can identify so many different types and piece them all together to gage some idea of what they would've looked like. They were massive!! A lot of the bones aren't real and instead made of plaster, because they would be too fragile to stay up - but who cares, you get the sense of what they are trying to show you. 

In the actual dinosaur exhibit, they had a moving, life size T-Rex - you really do get to see just how tiny those front arms are - it's like someone has chopped off the arm and wrist/hand, disposed of the arm and stuck the wrist and hand back onto the body. I don't think I'd like to have come across these though - they are quite terrifying. I really liked the idea of showing it moving and "talking". 

We also looked around the mammal exhibit, with whales, elephants and other creatures you'd find today. You real do get a sense of the size of some of these animals and it really does shock you. They also had older "elephant" relatives like the mammoth. It's amazing to see animals that are extinct and will never been seen alive again. 

If you're up in London, I really do recommend a visit here - there are many areas Greg and I didn't touch on! There's more to do there than you can do in one day!! 

We then walked back to South Kensington to catch a train to our next destination...

Victoria xx

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