Five on Friday - 08/07/16


Hello and welcome back to another Five on Friday post!! I've really been enjoying doing the five questions about the week so I thought I 'd continue - this week Greg is getting involved too!! 

 What was your Rose? A rose is another way to ask where or what did you find beauty in? 

The rose for Greg this week:  "going to see Matilda and spending time with Victoria" 
My rose was also going to see Matilda, something that I've been planning for months but kept it a surprise from Greg until we walked right past the theatre. It was also the whole entire day (I'll write a post about it) and just spending quality time with Greg.

What was your thorn? A thorn is what did you find not so beautiful.

The thorn this week for Greg: " hurting my foot with a blister"! 
My thorn was falling over at work and grazing my elbow quite badly, it's also very bruised and hurts a lot! I'm struggling to straighten it because the graze/burn has slightly tightened!! 

What was your bud? What have you thought about or a situation that might help you to grow or helping you to look forward to things to come.

The bud for Greg: "Planning the holiday!!" 
I agree with him! We finally got round to planning our holiday and it's just made me even more excited to go away!! I can't wait! (I know it's been my bud for the last couple of weeks but it'll be the first couples holiday/ first holiday I've been on without my family. I mean I've been away before, without my parents but that was on things like music tours and that's more work than it is holiday!

What was your elephant? What surprised you?

Greg: "Nothing, nothing's really surprised me this week. I guessed what we were doing on Wednesday - that we were going to a museum and a concert or a show or something so it didn't really surprise me. So nothing really that I can think of."
For me, I'm not really sure what surprised me this week, I think it's that even though Greg lives in/near London, he's never been to Buckingham Palace before!!  


What was your watering can? What happened that may help you grow?

Greg: 'I eated pizza so I'm going to get fat, haha! I don't know - doesn't always happen every week" 
I don't think I had one either this week... maybe next week! 

I hope you all had a lovely week! Have a great weekend!! 
Victoria xx

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