Buckingham Palace


The day continues... Part 2!

Following our lovely picnic in St James's Park, Greg and I wandered up to the top where Buckingham Palace is. Of course we couldn't visit the area and not take a little wander around the Victoria Memorial - it's so pretty! I love the extravagant gates, they are so beautiful! Greg hadn't see Buckingham Palace in real life before so again something he had never done!  

It's always very busy around Buckingham Palace with all the tourists, however, not as busy as when I last went - which happened to be the day of Trooping the Colour. Dad, my sister and I, went up to see Wicked and unbeknownst to us that was the same day. So we got to see the Queen and her family on the balcony and the fly past! The Queen wasn't in - they were flying the Union Jack, instead of the Royal Standard. It's a very magnificent building - but what would you do with all those rooms?

We missed the Changing of the Guard - it happens every day at 11am between May and July, then every other day from then on. (I'm now singing "They're changing guards at Buckingham Palace, Christopher Robin went down with Alice")

Sorry, I just had to include it - my mum used to sing it to me when I was little - plus I adore Winnie the Pooh! 

The little green patches surrounding Buckingham Palace are absolutely stunning! Especially with the beautiful, majestic gates in the background, sets them off wonderfully! I loved walking around it, especially with the sky so blue. It was very bright though!! 

The Victoria Memorial is something I love, it's so pretty and the sunlight reflecting off the golden angel(?!) made me so happy. It was gorgeous. The sun was shining and we were both so very happy. It was nice to do something out and about and different - we seem to have got a little bit boring... 

I really do recommend that everyone goes to see Buckingham Palace or even just go to Westminster at some time in their life. It's so full of history and a beautiful part of London. I really do love to be there, especially on a touristy basis - as I'm usually there for a specific reason rather than to just sightsee. 

Greg and I then walked up to Victoria station as we were heading to South Kensington for the next part of the day... 

Victoria xx

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