A few little new bits...


Last weekend, I may have accidentally gone shopping with my mum and may have bought some new things! Oops - I must stop buying so many things!!!! So here's a little mini haul of the things that I bought! 

First things first, I bought a new dress and shoes! We started in Sainsburys.
They had a sale on in TU and some lovely stuff in stock! I tried on a few dresses but this is the one that looked the nicest (and fitted properly). So for £11, I thought it was worth it. Originally supposed to be £22. I also bought the white shoes that I'm wearing as I only had the black pumps and they didn't go with a lot of the summery dresses I have. The shoes were only £12 and I thought they were really pretty. AND they are very comfortable, especially as I can't usually wear pumps! 


Then we went to the new store that has opened up in my home town, called TJ Hughes - a discount store, a bit like HomeBargains. There they were selling off nail varnishes for 99p each - and if you know me, you'll know that I can't resist nail varnish, especially when they are selling it so cheaply. I bought myself, 3 Tanya Burr nail varnishes as they were so cheap and I didn't have these colours! 
- Riding Hood (red)
- Bright and Early (pink) 
- Midnight Sparkle 
 I also got another colour for french manicure. 

And finally - I jumped on the band wagon and bought a Clinique Cheek Pop!! I've seen so many reviews about it that I just had to get one for myself. The lady on my nearest Clinique counter is so lovely and I've known her for years and years! She knows my skin and knows the colours for me - she also did my makeup for my mum's wedding back at Christmas! 
We decided that the best colour for my complexion is Rosy Pop. I'm really quite excited to try this and I love the fact that its baked and so it lasts for a while! 

Have you bought any new products recently?

Victoria xx

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