I suddenly remembered (when I woke up at 10:30 today) that I hadn't planned or drafted today's blog post - which should go up at 12:30! I was trying to rush around and get it written/organised/planned, but what's the point? Then it'd just be rushed material that I would only be half proud of. 

I tend to rush about doing lots of things, getting in a flap about getting things done and dusted when I know that should be done - then I'm not happy with the outcome of it. How can I expect anyone to read my posts, if I'm not really too happy about it! 

So today's post will be this and the one I had planned for today, I will put up on Saturday when I have a little more time to do it. Then it'll be something that I have taken time to do and I will be happy with it! 

Victoria xx 

(sorry there's no picture either)

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