Surprise Birthday Party


As it was Greg's 21st Birthday this month, I arranged a surprise birthday get together for him with his friends last Saturday. Seeing as he has been so busy with college recently, I thought it would be a nice idea to get every one together to celebrate and do something fun. 

Greg asked me if I was planning something with his best mate, which at the time we weren't. But after he asked, I thought it was a really good idea and that sparked the idea of organising it. We decided on going bowling then having a meal.  
I'm pretty rubbish at hiding things from Greg, I'm like an open book that he can read really easily. So he knew something was going on.

However, he only thought that it'd be me, him and his best mate, with an inkling that other people were coming. I was trying very hard to keep it from him, but I attempted too. We got on the tube (he still didn't know anything) and we were running very late! (oops that was my fault!!) All his friends were waiting for us, as I'd asked them all to be there earlier, so they could surprise him! 
When we got off at our stop, he'd figured out what we were doing. I told him that it was just me, him and his mate, as none of his friends could come or they hadn't replied! I picked the names that I knew couldn't come and gave the excuses that they gave me! I felt so bad! I saw the look in his face. He was so upset, annoyed even that none of his friends were coming. He told me afterwards that he thought what great friends he has and that he got to the point that he wanted to go home.  I was trying so hard not to smirk, because he genuinely believed me, and all I wanted to say was "I'M JOKING!! I DIDN'T MEAN IT!! I'M SORRY!" but that would've totally ruined the surprise! 


We got to the top of the escalators and it took him a while, but then I got a push and he said "I hate you" and blew a raspberry at me. He genuinely believed that none of his friends were coming, but there they were waiting for us to arrive! He was over the moon!

There was a 45 minute wait for a bowling land, which was totally fine. We went to the bar and got a drink. before going onto the lane!

Greg won!! And I didn't come last, for once!

We then all ate dinner in the bowling alley restaurant! It was actually really yummy! 

I had Popcorn Squid and Garlic Mayo then Sirloin Steak with mushrooms, tomato and sweet potato fries.
Greg had Buffalo Chicken Wings then the King Pin burger! 

After dinner, we went to the pub for a little while before heading back home! Greg and I had a midnight stop off at McDonalds for a McFlurry! 

Everyone seemed to have a really good night, and Greg really did enjoy it! He was really surprised and happy that everyone turned up!! 

Roll on the 6th July, I have another surprise planned for him!!


Victoria xx

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