Quick Update!



I hope you all had a lovely weekend! For me this weekend has been very busy! 

Here's just a really quick round up of my weekend - I'll probably write individual posts for some of the things mentioned! 

The old ring!
1. Exchanged the ring Greg got me for my 18th, in 2014, for a new ring. (The original needed to be repaired as I'd caught the claw, but it was found to be faulty!)

2. Spent way too much money as always (oops!!!) 

3. Visited the London, Imperial War Museum at Elephant and Castle with Greg - then had a Chinese takeaway for dinner (yummy!) 

4. Suffered an anxiety attack, coupled with a flare up of my IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] (I might write a post on these things, not sure yet!) not much fun when the two are paired up - got little sleep on Friday night (was up for about three hours in the middle of the night) and spent Saturday suffering! A) because I was VERY annoyed about letting myself get to the point I was in a panic! B) I was sooooo incredibly tired that I felt a bit dazed and everything was going wrong - I spilt coffee down myself, lost my keys in my bag - was wandering around a bit zombie like. C) because my tummy hurt so much! I was hungry, but wasn't hungry (it gets very confusing!) 

5. Drove to Crawley, Saturday (interesting to do an 1hour 30minutes, motorway driving when very tired but made it!) to watch Greg and Matt play at the Crawley Folk Festival! Again very proud, they both played really well and we were inside this time, so didn't get so wet! It did chuck it down!!! (please do check out his music!!) 

I only managed to capture 8 seconds of it - it was a snapchat video!

6. Drove home again - Greg and I ordered Dominos (I was feeling a little better by this point) and then watched a couple of the old series of Doctor Who on Netflix! Fell asleep very early!


This week is very, very busy! I'm working every day, bar Thursday! It's going to be pretty hectic, but I'm looking forward to it! Luckily, for the most part, my job doesn't involve me getting up too early and I get to see so many different weddings! 

Happy Monday! Remember to smile and keep your chin up! :) Hope everyone has a good week! 

Victoria xx

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