Impulse Purchases


Last Thursday, I popped into town to try and get my ring from Greg for my 18th birthday, sorted out as I'd caught the claw and it'd bent out of shape. Unfortunately, whilst in the shop, they discovered that my ring was actually faulty - the silver was porous (meaning that it was completely hollow - which it shouldn't have been!) So I've had to exchange it for a new one (the didn't have my style in stock anymore!) I was quite upset by this, it's special! But the new ring is nice, so I guess it's okay. 

Anyway, moving on to the point of this - I was in town, waiting for Greg to get back to me about what to do with the ring, and it started raining; so I popped into W.H.Smiths to get out of it. As I walked in, I was stopped by a couple of girls who were representatives of ME - Makeover Essentials, a makeup company from America (apparently trying to start up over here). I can't resist makeup and although this wasn't free, the products given to me in the bag were the value of £180, but I got it for £35!

Here's what was in the bag: 

[Shimmer Powder Brush - Bronzer] 

Remember to not take off the bottom of the brush as this is where the powder lives! It's clever, the loose powder feeds onto the brush and once this pot is empty, you can refill it with what ever bronzer you like! It means if you drop yours and it breaks up (as so often happens!) you can pop it into the end of this brush and voila! It's still usable!
I quite like the shimmer of this bronzer - it's a nice colour too, quite subtle!


[Mineral Face Primer]

This primer is mattifying!! And keeps foundation in place for up to 12 hours. It's for all skintones as it has no pigmentation, and sits nicely on the skin! It's very lightweight and it doesn't clog up the pores too much! 

[Personalised Custom Compact]

This is the ultimate makeup companion! With 5 eyeshadows, 5 lip glosses, 4 blushes and 3 application brushes it's perfect! It has interchangeable makeup and a removable compact - meaning you can put your favourite lip gloss, blush and eyeshadow in the middle and pop it out to put in your handbag. The colours are all beautiful! I'm not usually a fan of lip glosses but I really like these!

[24/7 Makeover Portfolio]

In this you get a faux leather pouch/portfolio which contains: 
Black and Brown eyeliner pencils
Sunsrise Compact 
Sunset Compact 
Unfortunately they don't tell you what colour is which!! It's really annoying!

Sunrise Compact 

For the day time - it has a bronzer, a blush, 2 lip glosses and 3 eyeshadows! Plus two application brushes! They are all very subtle, neutral colours, perfect for during the day! I think that the colours are really nice! (I apologise for my dreadful swatches!) 


Sunset Compact 

More vibrant colours and perfect for going out in the evening! Again it has the same in it as the sunrise compact, but it has a highlighter instead of the bronzer! I also really like this colours - especially the pinker lipgloss! 


[Makeup Wipes]

The makeup wipes remove makeup including waterproof mascara! It's gentle on skin and the cloths are soft and soothing. They are infused with Aloe Vera extract which helps to moisturise the skin. 

I really like these products!! I think they are cute and also very handy! It's not available over here in the UK, and I only came across it by chance! What do you think?

Victoria xx 

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