Five on Friday - 24/06/16


I read on a friend's blog where she was asked questions to help her find beauty in their day. I thought it was such a good idea that I wanted to pass it on further and expand it from one day into a whole week. And what better way to reflect than in a Five on Friday post - where you look back on the entire week and pick five things. 


 What was your Rose? A rose is another way to ask where or what did you find beauty in? 

My rose this week was spending time with Greg and the beautiful sunshine. Going for walks in the forest only a few miles outside of London and the look on Greg's face when I surprised him with his 21st birthday get together!


What was your thorn? A thorn is what did you find not so beautiful.

The thorn this week, was having a few anxious spells - it always annoys me/upsets me when this happens, I feel a bit like I've taken a few steps back when it's happened. And also being told that the ring Greg got me for my 18th, was faulty and couldn't be fixed (I'd caught one of the claws holding the stone in place) so I had to exchange it for another as mine is no longer in stock. 


What was your bud? What have you thought about or situation that might help you to grow or helping you to look forward to things to come.

My bud this week was getting excited about mine and Greg's upcoming holiday to Norfolk and also my surprise outing for him! 


What was your elephant? What surprised you?

My elephant was the amount of people that have started to read this little blog of mine and leave comments! I never expected anyone to even glance over it, let alone take time out to write something to me!


What was your watering can? What happened that may help you grow?

My watering can was hearing Greg play at his recital, because it inspired me to get better a playing the flute! It pushes me just that little bit further - and being at the Royal College of Music does that anyway as it makes me wish that's where I was to study music. It's one of my goals for after doing my degree at Chichester! 

I hope you all had a lovely week! 
Victoria xx

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