Five on Friday - 03/06/2016


I thought one of the best things to start blogging again with, was another Five on Friday! I've been pretty busy this week so I'm going to include things from across the month of May (as I've been away for that long!) 



I haven't done much of it but I found it last summer and wanted to give it a go! Unfortunately our attempts were rudely interrupted by swarms of flies around the places. If you don't know what Geocaching is check it out here and give it ago! It's a good, outdoorsy adventure!



I'm so happy to be home and to be reunited with my loving furry friend! She ignored me for a few hours when I got home, but now she pretty much spends most of the night asleep at the bottom of my bed. I love how much affection you get from a little furry animal.


Snapchat Filters

I'm still loving those Snapchat filters and can spend ages at a time just going through them all - they make me laugh a lot! And I love how some of them now pick up other people in your photo!


Plaited Hair

Because I have to have my hair up for work, I'm trying to do more interesting things so the simple pony tail or the bun isn't rocked every day! Although the parties consist of different people - it's just fun to have my hair a different way. Unfortunately, I can't plait my hair myself - so my mum has to do it for me!


Silver Service Waitressing

I'm really loving the job! Although it consists of LOTS of washing up to do, long shifts and hard work (carry 10 stuffed chicken breasts on one arm x5, then wedding cake is VERY heavy!), sometimes we get to eat the left over food - yummy! And I get to see a different wedding every time! It's interesting to see how they have set up the marquee and what they are wearing! 

That's it from me, this week! It's not all that exciting but I'll be back next week with another post! I'd love to hear your 5 things! See you soon!


Victoria xx

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