Contour Palette!


After much consideration, I have jumped on the bandwagon and bought myself a contour kit. I've been contemplating it for a while, as I've seen so many people do it and the effect is amazing!

I was wandering around Sainsbury's and came across the Maybelline "counter" if you will. I'd seen an advert earlier in the day for their Master Sculpt kit and decided to buy it. 

I really like the kit, the colours are lovely and very subtle. The highlighter is beautiful and the contour is completely matte, which is brilliant when contouring! It's a very, very easy product to use and you don't need much of it either. It stays on throughout the day (a must, especially if you have a very long day!!). It comes with a good mirror under the product (a bit like Rimmel's  Lasting Perfection, Powder foundation) and a dual application brush. 

It was only £7, a really good price for such a good product! I'd definitely recommend it to everyone as a drugstore brand. 

I've still yet to master the contouring properly, but now, I'm on my way to become a pro at contouring!!  

Have you any tips for a novice like me?


Victoria xx

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