A Trip to a Designer Shopping Outlet


Last Friday, my family took a trip to the Designer Shopping Outlet, only a 25 minute drive from where we live. We were going there with a purpose as when you visit, it's almost like you have to go with a purpose. It's not somewhere, where I'd just have a little mooch around. We were only going to stay for about an hour - but that hour turned into three. 

To say the shop was a success would be an understatement. Each one of us, came home with new things and had saved LOTS of money. Designer Shopping Outlets are great places to get amazing things at bargain prices!

I love reading other people's hauls so here is my little haul of the things I bought:

GAP Jeans with 40% off - I love GAP jeans. They seem to fit me so well and they last a long time! 

Nike Air Max - This was a fluke decision of "shall we have a look in the Nike shop?" They cost £21 instead of the usual £75 (and I really like them!!!) 

Two Pairs of Clarks Sandals:
The take off of Birkenstocks and the Roman Sandals.
Clarks shoes are just the best, they maybe expensive, but they last a loooong time and by buying them here, it meant I got some amazing shoes for not so much money! 

They have also just started a Beauty Outlet and how could I not go in there?! I spent a very long time wandering around the shopping choosing things - how could I not buy Sally Hansen nail varnish when they were just £1.99 instead of the usual £6.99! All the products were a lot cheaper and I just couldn't not buy things. I got some good things in there as well.

w7 Gelly Sandwich - I bought this because it claims to give you the look of Gel nails without having to pay for nail lamp. I think it does give you that effect but it doesn't however stop from chipping fairly quickly. I did my nails on Friday evening and I already have chips. 

w7 Lip Twister, Lip Liner in the shade Pink - I needed a lip liner. That's the bottom line. My mum swears by the fact it helps keep her lipstick in place and now I've started to wear lipsticks just a little bit more, I thought I should probably give it ago. I use the w7 dupes for the Naked Palettes so I thought I might as well give it a go. 

New York Color Lipstick in the shade Blue Rose- I have a lot of very dark colours so I thought I needed to brighten it up a little and this time opted for a sparkly, light pink. 

Nail Varnish Correcting Pen - I've heard a lot of good reviews about these and being a lover of self painting my nails I needed to try it out. Safe to say, I would recommend these to anyone who likes to paint their own nails. 

Sally Hansen Nail Colours (and also a nail varnish remover): 
240 Deck the Halls - a sparkly purple
440 Calypso Blue - a beautiful blue colour
07 Sugar Shimmer Taffy Tart - a textured nail varnish that I thought would be fun to try out

Collection Shimmer Shades - Blushalicious which has 4 blushes which complement each other for shimmery and radiant glow. 

Real Time Black Emotions perfume - this is very like YSL Black Opium (only much, much cheaper!!) I fell in love with YSL Black Opium after I had a little tester pot of it, however, I don't have enough money to be able to afford to buy it for myself. Whilst in the shop, mum found the fragrance section and they had a comparison chart from Real Time Dupe to the Designer fragrance! This one smells almost identical to YSL Black Opium!!

Possibility Shower Gel, Crème Brûlée - I thought I would give it ago plus it gives you a recipe to make it on the front which I think is a really cool idea!

(I bought the bikini and the glittery sandals a couple of weeks ago from New Look!)


Victoria xx

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  1. I also like outlet shopping! I'm glad you found so many wonderful pieces!