What's in my makeup bag?


My makeup collection is ever growing. I love the more expensive brands as I just feel that they sit better on my skin. Although they are pricier, I feel like I do get my monies worth as they last a long time, so I rarely have to buy new products. The majority of my makeup bag is full of Clinique with a few No7 products, few Rimmel London, a few Smashbox and Estée Lauder - although I feel like I'll end up having a make up collection that is mostly Estée Lauder, following my recent trip to their counter and falling in love with their products. I'm no expert at makeup - simply a girl who loves makeup. I wish I was a professional sometimes, just so I could maybe make my face look just that little bit better. (I'm also not very good at taking photos that look good enough). I thought you might like a little insight on my makeup bag, things which I've bought with my own money and love to wear. 


I only started using a primer properly when I went Christmas shopping in Gunwharf Quays and took a look in the Cosmetics Company. I'd dabbled in one before- using a No7 primer (the name escapes me now). But it wasn't until I bought a Smashbox starter set, did I start wearing one the majority of the time I put foundation on. I use the Photofinish Foundation Primer. It's oil free and you only need the tiniest amount for coverage. It goes on smoothly across my skin and it doesn't dry it out - the foundation always sits well on top of it and it lasts a lot longer than without the primer underneath. 
My skin colour doesn't change through the seasons, which means I can wear the same colour foundation throughout the entire year. It means I don't have to spend as much on different colour foundations. I'm just always pale! I wasn't allowed foundation until I was about 16 and then mum put me onto the more expensive brands straight away. Depending on how my skin feels that day, I either wear: Clinique - Moisture Surge, Tinted Moisturiser or Clinique - Even Better Foundation. They are lighter options but have good coverage. I also have a little tester pot of Estée Lauder - Double Wear Light which I have yet to use. Though I feel like it may become my new favourite. 
Concealer, I use Clinque - Airbrush Concealer over the under eye circles and redness and for blemishes I use Clinque - Anti-blemish solutions, clearing concealer. I like both concealers and they do the job of hiding the imperfections. 
I like to set the base make up with a powder to keep it in place just a little longer - I use Clinique - Stay Matte Sheer pressed powder. It covers nicely and lasts a long time. 
I like to have an even base, so my face doesn't look like it's plastered in foundation, but enough coverage to be able to notice that I have makeup on. (You can already see a theme about which brand I use the most!!) 


I feel that it's the eyes that complete a makeup look and I think I spend the most amount of time trying to get them to look the best. I cover my eyelid in Smashbox - 24 hour photo finish shadow primer. I love it because it seems to "lock" the eyeshadow in place so it doesn't gather in the creases of my eyelids (hooded eye problems), nor does it travel down my face. I never used an eyeshadow primer until like with the face primer, bought the Smashbox starter kit. Now I don't think I'll ever wear eyeshadow without wearing a primer underneath first. 
Brows: I use Tanya Burr Cosmetics - Perfect Brow palette. I love how it applies and gives definition to my eyebrows without making them too dark, stand out and looking silly. I use it with a slanted brush for application. Tanya Burr's palette does come with one, but I prefer to use my own as hers is a little too small.
Eyeshadow: probably my favourite part about the entire make up look! I have three Naked Palette dupes: W7 - In the Night: Smokey Eye (not pictured), W7 - In the Buff: Lightly Toasted (the bronzer colours) and W7 - In the Nude (more pinky). I love these palettes so much because of the range of colours you can get, means you can create different types of looks. Also they are brilliant Naked Palette dupes as they are reasonably priced and the colours are in fact really quite similar. I also have Clinique - Strawberry fudge duo, it has to be my favourite colours of all time!! The lighter of the colours has a lovely gold shimmer to it.
Eyeliner: I use either No7 - Liquid Liner in Navy Blue or Rimmel London - Gel Liner in Black. I love both these liners, they both apply really well and stay in place throughout the day. I sometimes like to use the navy blue when I don't want such heavy eye makeup on. I've recently bought Bourjois - Liner Feutre in Ultra Black to try as an alternative to liquid liner and gel liner. I can't wait to try it. 
Mascara: I love a mascara that gives me long and full lashes without clumping. I've been using Clinique - High Lengths Mascara as it gives me the lash effect I'm looking for. I've just bought Estée Lauder - Sumptuous Extreme. I'm really excited to try this mascara, it looks like it's going to be amazing.


I love blush as it gives you that lovely, healthy, pink glow. I have two colours: No7 - Natural Blush Tint Powder in Cool Pink and Clinique - Blush powder in Pink Love. I use the No7 blush more as the Clinique blush has shimmer powder in it. Once the No7 is all gone, I will use up the Clinique blush. I only occasionally use Bronzer if I want a more tanned looked or to contour. Sometimes it can look a bit orange, so I try to tame it down a bit. I use No7 - Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer.  


I don't often wear lip colour as I play the flute but when I do I prefer wearing lipsticks to lipgloss, in particular I love the Rimmel lipsticks. I use Carmex on my lips to keep them healthy and soft - as I suffer from chapped lips a lot. When I want to wear lipstick I first base it with Clinique - All About Lips, as it gives a softer base for it to lay and it doesn't dry my lips out. I have six different lipsticks. 
Clinique - Chubby Stick in Chunkiest Chilli
Clinique - Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony 
Seventeen - It's a Kiss Off
Rimmel - 107 (matte)
Rimmel - 30 (matte)
Rimmel - Drop of Sherry


After my teenage years of going through the So...? Perfumes and the many sprays, I found two perfumes that I completely adore. I think they smell really nice on me! I will continue to wear them. I like having more than one to mix it up a little bit and not to get stuck with just one fragrance.

Ghost - Moonlight
Carolina Herrera - 212 Sexy


I have recently upgraded my make up brushes to better ones after using Models Own brand for a little while. I love the make up brushes I have now! The majority being Real Techniques brushes! 

From Left to Right starting at top

Clinique - Eyelash Curler
L.A.B2 Strokes of Genius Eyes - Eyeshadow Brush
L.A.B2 Strokes of Genius Eyes -  Brow and Eyeliner brush
L.A.B2 Strokes of Genius Eyes - Crease Brush
L.A.B2 Strokes of Genius Eyes - Pointed Eyeliner Brush
L.A.B2 Strokes of Genius Eyes - Brow and Lash Groomer
Real Techniques - Blush Brush
Real Techniques - Angled Foundation Brush
Real Techniques - Contour Brush
Real Techniques - Pointed Foundation Brush
Real Techniques - Detailer Brush
Real Techniques - Buffing Brush

I hope you enjoyed reading my little blog post!

Victoria xx

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  1. of course you've gotta have real techniques brushes in your makeup bag, such an essential! you should try their bold metals collection - they're amazing!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE x

    1. Definitely an essential!! They are my favourite brushes, especially as they are affordable AND good quality! :) I'll have a look into them, thank you!
      Love Victoria x

  2. Lovely post, Victoria! I love Clinique products, especially with my acne prone skin. Ever since I switched over to using high-end foundations my skin has seen an instant transformation. You're definitely right when you note that they fit better on your skin. Looking forward to future posts! xx


    1. Thank you! :) I agree, I used Clinique products to sort my skin out as it used to break out quite often!! I've tried a few drugstore brands but none of them seem to work as well! xx

  3. That Clinique blush looks so lovely! I definitely need to try out some of their make-up products, been eyeing up their lip stuff for so long, yet I never actually buy any :D

    1. You should definitely try out their makeup products! I love their chubby sticks for lips! Have such a wonderful range! :) x

  4. Chubby Sticks are so beautiful. Chunkiest Chilli looks like a gorgeous color. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. They are!! Chunkiest Chilli is a beautiful colour :) xx