The Power and Beauty of Music


Something I am eternally grateful for is the chance to learn music: to read and create music, to play a musical instrument or two. I'm not quite sure what I would do without music in my life. I am a flautist and an occasional pianist (I'm still not very good at piano, but I'm trying!) 

I've been playing the flute for around 10 years - I can't actually quite remember how long it is anymore, all I know is that I've been playing for quite some time! 

"Music is forever, music should grow and mature with you, following right on up until you die" - Paul Simon

This is the journey that I am experiencing, right from when I played that first note, to reading music fluently and beginning to interpret it in a musical way. At first glance, the notes look daunting but by getting into the heart of the music, it comes alive. It becomes a sensation of sound communicating emotions through colours and textures.

Music cannot be learnt quickly nor can you pick up an instrument and instantly be able to play a great work, it takes time and practice. But as you gain musical knowledge and technique, you start to understand music is enriched with different colours and emotions and not just made out of the notes and rhythms written on a page. Once you have that knowledge it never dies but instead continues to grow as you develop as a person and a musician with something new to always be learnt

I was inspired to play music from an early age. Mum played the clarinet and the piano. Her piano was still at my grandparents house and I took great joy in sitting at the piano and making up melodies or attempting to read music. I wanted to play the clarinet, because that was the instrument my mum played. She took me along to a stall about music lessons at my primary school and flute was the instrument that I picked up. I was so excited to learn. I was completely hooked by the power of music and although mum had set me a target to gain grade 5, then I could give up if I wanted to, I knew that I wouldn't.

I can tell you now, that I wasn't very good at practising when I was younger and I think that if I'd practised harder then I would be so much better than I am now. I'm fortunate enough to have had some amazing teachers. The teacher I had just before I left for uni, started me in the right direction for improving in terms of technique and got me contact with someone who can really improve it. So I am having lessons in London with a Swedish Flautist called Gitte Marcusson - she is amazing and I know that she will help me become the best that I can be (with a lot of practise and determination on my part also.) My teacher at university has sent me to masterclasses in London at the Royal Academy with a flautist called Emily Beynon. It was a really inspiring day and gave me a bit of a nudge that I needed. 
One of my teachers was deaf. She was and still is a huge inspiration to me. She exemplifies that persistence, determination and hard work enable you to achieve your dreams. She got me from my poor grade 5 result to passing theory with almost a distinction, passing Grade 6 & 7 with distinctions and passing Grade 8 with a merit (though my pieces were all distinction level).

I love this quote! Discovered it on Pinterest the other evening!
One day I will master this beautiful instrument. One day I will be able to play this instrument and make it sound beautiful. One day I want to be that professional performer on stage playing music I love and sharing it with others. I love playing the flute. I love the beauty and the power of music. I love that you can lose yourself in the moment when playing.  

I'll leave you with a snippet of me playing the Cadenza in Enersco's Cantabile 

I hope you enjoyed this little insight to my life. Do any of you play instruments or would like to start?

Victoria xx

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  1. I wish I stuck with music when I was younger. Music is beautiful, and I think the talent is amazing. I want to pick up guitar, I wish it was something I learned at a young age, but my musician uncle says it's never to late to learn!
    I love your drive to learn more, and your passion toward music :)

    1. Thank you :) I think you should pick up guitar and learn! :) You never know, you might surprise yourself and pick it up quickly! x