Picnics in March


The end of March and I mean right at the very end, it was a lovely sunny day, so Greg and I decided to go for a walk in Lee Valley Country Park. We packed up a picnic, parked the car up and went for a walk along the canal. It's so beautiful and peaceful around there and was a lovely relaxing day. It was nice to get out and about for some fresh air. 

Greg made some bread rolls for lunch, I packed some humus, cucumber, rocket, chicken and ham, and I made some vanilla cupcakes. It was a yummy!! 

After lunch, we walked back to the car through the fields and stopped to usher an injured coot towards the undergrowth. Hopefully, it helped save the little coot's life or maybe prolonged it a little bit longer. 

I barely took any photos while we were out, I was mainly enjoying the views. But here are a few: 

Oh and a picture of me wearing Greg's new glasses XD 

Victoria xx

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