Nail Varnish!!


If there's something in the beauty world that I love more than makeup, it would have to be Nail Varnish! I have a weakness for them, am constantly buying a new colour or two to add to my collection. I am most definitely obsessed with nail varnish. The collection is huge and growing bigger and bigger - though I've promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore for the time being. A lot of them get used once or twice then I forget about them until I'm having a bit of a sort through, others I use A LOT! I have a variety of different brands - Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Revlon, MaxFactor, O.P.I, Miss Sporty, No7, Clinique, BarryM, Tanya Burr cosmetics, Estée Lauder, Orly, Collection, Creative Colours and Avon - and I actually quite like all the brands. Though O.P.I and Sally Hansen probably top the list with Rimmel coming very close behind. 

They all live in two purple, metal boxes just to keep them tidy. They've recently just had to be moved into the second smaller one because the amount I have is a little bit ridiculous! But I can never bear to throw away any of them (how sad). I'm definitely a little bit of a nail varnish hoarder!!

I prefer painted nails, fingers and toes, to plain on myself. I really think that painted nails just finishes off your hands a little bit and smartens them up almost. Weird, I know! I hate having chipped nails and as soon as they have, I'll whip out the nail varnish remover and paint my nails all over again. I usually go for different colours every time I paint them - unless of course, I'm really in love with the colour I'm wearing at the time. I also like to match the colour of my nails to an outfit - if it's a special occasion. 

I've had my nails done twice by a professional - once to have Acrylics done and once to have them painted and a bit of nail art put on. 


I recently bought a load of nail art brushes from Home Bargains - a shop where you can get things a little bit cheaper - because I wanted to try and create something more interesting than just a block colour. They are obviously not the best quality nail art brushes, but for a novice like me, they are doing the job just fine.

 I'm having lots of fun messing about with the brushes and creating looks! They are obviously a bit messy but I'm trying. Practise makes perfect right? 
Here's my attempts!


Victoria xx

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