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Something I've discovered a new found love for is cooking, especially since going to uni and having to rely on my own cooking skills to live by. I've always loved baking cakes with mum when I was younger, but now I love cooking a proper meal. 

I love trying out new recipes and making things from scratch - both savoury and sweet. I got some lovely cook books for Christmas and in fact before I went away. Here's a few of them: 



All the recipes in the books are really clear and easy to follow and there are some yummy recipes inside! I love cooking for other people as there's just something about it that makes me feel good inside. It's lovely watching other people enjoy your food as cooking for one gets a bit laborious after a while and there's only so much you can cook!
Homemade bread - You can't beat a good loaf of homemade bread!! My Grandpa was a master baker back in his day so I love making bread just to get his approval!!

Nanaimo bars - fillings and chocolate oozed out a bit when I cut them, but used the recipe in the Without the Calories book (chocolate topping includes Kahlua)

Vanilla Cupcakes (Cheated and used Betty Crocker mix but was still yummy) 

Cooked Steak for the family - two large sirloin steaks fed four of us! (but then again we don't eat much food!) 

Dansak Curry - made using the BBC Goodfood recipe, it takes a while but the end result is yummy! 

Moroccan Chicken and Couscous - using the BBC Goodfood recipe! It was delicious and my sister and Greg both cleared their plates!! 

Homemade pizza (cheated with the base) but made Jamie Oliver's Hidden Veg sauce (well mum did) topped with salami, mushrooms and mozzarella, stuffed the crust with red Leicester cheese! 

Just a simple beans on toast, with fried egg (went a bit wrong), red Leicester cheese, tomato, salami and cucumber - I like the picture because it's so colourful!! 

This was mine and Greg's Valentines day delights - I made us pink pancakes for breakfast, beef red thai curry using a Blue Dragon pot and for dessert, lemon meringue pie! I didn't beat the egg whites enough so it was a bit runny and went over the sides as you can see - but it was still just as yummy! 

Balti - delicious and one of my favourites to make from The Student Cookbook

Brownies - recipe from The Student Cookbook

Omelette pancake with cheese, courgette and tomato filling! 

Lemon Cupcakes - they were made using the Hummingbird Bakery recipe and were for Greg's birthday last year!

What do you love cooking? 


 Victoria xx

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