A Little Update


When it comes to blogging, I'm pretty rubbish at keeping things regular and actually remembering to write then upload something. I always start something, write a paragraph or so, then go "oh I'll write it another day" and never actually come back to it until about a month later when it's suddenly no longer relevant. I often find it quite sad when I log back on to blogger and see half written posts that I should've put up a long time ago. 

I completely forget and get wrapped up with other things. I think the main reason is because I never have a theme to my blogs so there's never much compelling me to write. I need something, something that links everything together, that keeps me writing - like a project or interesting thoughts. Maybe I'll find it soon or maybe it'll be a while yet! Who knows!

Hopefully it'll come soon! Until then, we'll just have to wait and see!

 Victoria xx

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