Hectic December Update!!


It's already 2016 - that's another year over!! That's totally crazy! Last year went so quickly and has honestly been the best year so far. In comparison to the year before, so much has changed in my life - I've done so much and am feeling so different to how I was this time last year. Even then I was better than the year before that! I have had so many wonderful experiences and created so many memories that I can cherish forever and I really hope that can continue. 

2015 was by far the best year, a few ups and downs but overall an AMAZING year! I spent it with my bestest friend; left my secondary school; gained the grades I needed to start at the University of Chichester and to round it all off I pretty much got myself more or less sorted and in a much better place. 

The last month was completely hectic! Greg came down to Chichester to spend some time with me there. We took a day trip to Portsmouth, went bowling with my friends and had Chinese with my flatmates. Did a lot of Christmas shopping and spent far too much money!!We also walked all the way down to the Chichester Harbour following the canal the whole way! Packed up a little picnic and kept walking! I finished off my musical assessments and then Mum and Peter came to pick me up from Chichester for the Christmas holidays!

It's amazing being back because I CAN DRIVE!! I miss having the car down in Chichester because I can't just head off somewhere - everything has to be in walking distance or the train taken. I have done a lot of driving whilst being back home - in fact I've driven over 500 miles in the four weeks I have been back. Mainly backwards and forwards from Greg's house. 

Then there was a wedding - the wedding of my mum! That was a very strange, but heart warming experience! I'll do a separate blog post (if I remember). It was a hectic couple of days! 

Christmas, Siobhan and I spent with my dad's family in Surrey. It was really lovely, I hadn't seen them in two years! We were very lucky, got given stocking presents and then also main tree presents which was lovely. It made us feel like we were part of the family! 

Boxing day was a chilled out day, we got out eh family photos and Granny's diaries, read the love letter's between Granny and Grandad - it was all lovely and so interesting especially as we never knew them. 

The day after was Christmas number 2 with mum and Peter which was really nice. Got more presents and 'Father Christmas' turned up at our house too - meaning we had two lots of stockings and tree presents!

The last week of 2015 was a good one. I didn't stop until after the New Year!! I had a curry night with Greg's friends which was really yummy! Curry is probably one of my favourite foods! After the curry, I drove Greg and I back to Chelmsford, for him to stay with me for a couple of days. We also went into town. I got a new purse from River Island - it's so grown up and lovely! 

Then it was New Year's Eve - I drove back to Greg's to join in with his family games and celebrations to see in the New Year! It was fun, however, I lost all the games!! New Year's day we headed into Harlow and did a little bit of shopping - I cooked beef chow mein and spring rolls from scratch for the both of us. Greg enjoyed it - so it must have been yummy! I'm trying to get a little more adventurous with what I cook and one of my aims this year is that I plan each meal and actually cook it! The 2nd January was a chilled out day - only had a walk around the village in the dark to blow away all the cobwebs! 

There's my little update for December!!

 Victoria xx

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