Three Weeks Already?


As I sit here and write this post - I can't actually believe that I have been in Chichester away from home for three weeks now! So much has happened in that time and FINALLY my room is beginning to feel like mine!! The notice board isn't looking as bare and my fairy lights arrived which were the little touch that my room needed! The red carnations that Greg bought me last weekend are coming into bloom really nicely and are looking SO beautiful! 

I can't honestly decide whether these past three weeks have gone really slowly or really quickly! It's also two weeks until reading week - so fast forward to then and I'll be sat at home reunited with my family and of course the Pixiecat!! I miss her so much! I was on Skype to my mum the other day and she showed me Pixie. I called her and her little ears pricked up. She looked so confused because she could hear me but she couldn't see me. They seem to look everywhere but at the actual screen! She was looking round trying to find me, then jumped down and started meowing! It made me quite sad as I miss her a lot. Apparently she is sulking as well and refusing to go into my room (unusual as she usually spends most of her time on my bed). So I am very excited to go home and see her! (I am also excited to see my family but I can talk to them on Skype whenever I want)

The week started off with the concert given in the Chapel - how amazing was that though. It did lift my mood for the rest of the week. I also found out that I'd got into Sinfonietta and the first rehearsal was on Tuesday. Some very interesting music was played but I did enjoy it quite a bit! Wednesday I went out on a bit of a walk as I was going a bit stir crazy in my room and went shopping in town. However, I didn't spend more than £1 on a pack of 400 drawing pins in Poundland. Good old Poundland! 

Thursday things started to feel a bit overwhelming. I was missing Greg and I was missing home. I walked to uni in the evening to do Flute Choir and spent 20 minutes trying to find where they were - no one had told me that it wasn't on. It was the tiniest thing that set me off. Suddenly I felt so overwhelmed with emotion I wasn't quite sure how I felt. I felt left out of the flat like everyone had become really good friends and I somehow didn't fit. I didn't feel as if I belonged to the group. I was feeling lonely. I spent the walk back to Stockbridge thinking and having a little cry to myself. I met up with Emma (who I've known since college and came to Chichester with me) and had a chat about lots of different things - which made me feel a bit better. 

Friday - I woke up feeling better than I had done the previous day. I went to my lecture at 10 and was back home again by 1.30. I spent the afternoon doing work and practise. I finally have my piano teacher (so hopefully I'll become more confident at playing piano!!!) Had fish and home made wedges for dinner and a chilled night in. Though I am starting to wish there was somewhere else to go in our flat other than the Kitchen or our rooms and I wish we had WIFI!! 

Yesterday was a completely chilled day! Spent the time just watching catch up TV in my room and having time to myself. Then in the evening we left Millie at home and Beth, Danika and I went to Spoons then ended up in the Student Union. It was a great night out and I really enjoyed myself!! Hopefully this next week will be just as good!

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