The weekend just gone was one filled with reunions of sorts! I'd known for a while that Greg had bought tickets to come down and see me in my new home, but little did I know the impact it would have on how I felt. His train was due in at 9pm on Thursday. I can tell you now, all day I had butterflies and was so excited - it was like going on a first date all over again!! It was actually really nice to feel like that again, purely because it puts lots of excitement into it and the magic comes back (not that it was ever lost!) For us, its not an unusual thing to have long gaps in between seeing each other - we're fairly used to it. I haven't moved away after being used to seeing him every single day and thrusted into a new life where I suddenly can't see him all the time. But I'm not saying that it's any easier. I miss him so much!! So any time we spend together is precious. 

Greg sent me on a Tesco run to get some drinks to go with our Indian takeaway. It was so close to his train coming in and I was the wrong side of train station so I couldn't greet him at the station entrance. From where I was I could see the red lights flashing and the barriers down and knew that his train had come in. I was walking towards the station as he was walking up to meet me! I was so happy to see him!! Suddenly all those butterflies vanished and all I wanted to do was give him a big hug - but he had a trombone on his back and it's fairly awkward to hug him when the trombone is third wheeling!! We trundled up to tescos, got the drinks then walked back my flat and introduced him to Millie and Danika. We ordered in a curry fairly late but we were both so hungry and I'd been craving curry for a while - so it was really yummy!! 

Friday, I had to get up and walk to uni for my lecture - three hours out of my flat and had to go shopping after (for which Greg had sent me a shopping list). The lecture was really boring and it didn't seem to be anything related to the topic. I wanted it to hurry up and finish so I could get back home. After lunch, we went into the city centre! We mooched around for a bit just to explore and had a Starbucks frappacino (yummy). For dinner, we'd chosen to go to Zizzi's - somewhere I'd never been before and every time we tried at home it is always full. It was really lovely, again I ate too much food. Started with a bread platter and calamari (of course), followed by a spicy king prawn linguine and finished with strawberry sorbet! All washed down with a Malibu and Coke! 

Saturday was difficult for me as I knew that the time to say goodbye was looming over us. Not that I let it spoil the time we had left together. We had a lazy morning and watched Peter Pan on Netflix. In the afternoon, Greg and I went shopping in town (again) but it was nice to spend some time with him! By the time we got back to the flat, we had enough time for me to cook us dinner (fajitas) and to sit down with my housemates. I walked him up to the station and it was so difficult to say goodbye. I couldn't keep my emotions in and soon my eyes were leaking. In all honesty, I didn't want him to leave because I'd had the best time and I'd missed him so much. I missed him almost immediately after he'd left. I did have to have a cry to myself for a little while. 

On Sunday I caught the train to East Croydon for a family friend's birthday party. It was actually a nice train ride there. It was exciting because I got to see my mum and stepdad too! It was lovely to see them again and it was what I needed! I know it wasn't home but I think going home right now would be a big mistake. In about three weeks time when it's reading week, will be the right time to go home. They sent me back to Chichester with lots of things including cake!!! 

I do miss them lots and lots! But I know I'll see them all very soon! For now there's things like Skype and phone calls!

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