And The New Chapter Begins....


The little, comfy life I have always known and learned to love back in Essex, came to an end last Saturday (for the time being at least!) I've been thrust into a life where I have to be an adult, have to organise my own things, wash clothes, clean, cook - all the things my mum would've normally done back at home. I have to say, I am enjoying the new freedom thing but I am missing those good old home comforts! I have some moments where I do really miss home, but for the most part, I'm enjoying myself. I'm hoping it stays this way and I don't suddenly feel homesick in about three weeks time! I am roughly about 115 miles away from home in Chichester, West Sussex. It's not too far that it's far enough that I can't go back every weekend! 

The halls of residence aren't too bad! I live in Stockbridge with three other girls - they are lovely (well, at the moment), we all get on quite well, I'm hoping that'll continue throughout the year. I'm about 30 minutes walk away from the university and so far my legs and back want to completely give up! I ache so badly - just shows how unfit I am, after driving most places back at home! It's a lovely walk straight through the town, you just keep going straight until you get there. I'm not far away from the station at all just up the road. Every so often (more or less every time I walk that way) there's a train coming through and the level crossing shuts. We then have to walk over the steps above the station. That, coupled with the walk up the stairs to the second floor flat and the subway under the road, ouch my poor legs!!!!!

It's a fairly big room - a single bed, long corner desk with drawers, wardrobe and an ensuite bathroom. The shower is the most annoying thing - I call it a swimming pool shower, purely because you can't adjust the shower head and you have to keep pressing the button to turn the water on! The room doesn't feel very homely at the moment, it doesn't feel like it belongs to me just yet! Like the flat doesn't feel like my home either. But I guess over the course of the year, it'll begin to feel more like home. 

It's incredibly different to what I'm used to and to my life of the past 18 years - so much more to be experienced! Funnily enough, journey from Essex to Sussex is very similar to that, which my mum did (although she did it when she was much, much younger than me!)
I had my first experience of being out in a 'club' environment in the SU bar on Monday. I didn't think I could go in, as was actually going to chicken out and not bother going in. I was going in on my own - not knowing what to do. But I'm so glad I did! It was a silent disco and I actually really enjoyed myself! I've not done a great deal of stuff so far other than trying to settle in! 

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