Results Day!!


So a year ago today, I received my AS results, which left a lot to be desired. They were terrible and left me with lots of hard work to do over my last year. I was really lucky in that I was allowed back on to the Spanish course, despite getting a grade under the required minimum to continue on the course. 

Over the year, I made sure that I knuckled down (whilst having a social life!!) and made sure I worked hard enough to get me into university and to show that I deserved that second chance - especially in Spanish! I wanted to prove to the teachers that I could actually do it and they had nothing to worry about. I set myself goals for each subject to work towards at least. 

I received a Conditional offer from the University of Chichester, to study BMus (hons) Performance, with an offer of CCD. Not a high grade university, as with the results from AS year, I knew they wouldn't even take a look at me and I wouldn't receive the top grades. 

The day before results day, I began to feel very nervous and very scared. I felt a bit sick and just in general very jittery. I couldn't stop talking (tell tale sign that I'm nervous). I got told that the University sent me an email at midnight, right before bed which sent another pang of nerves through me and meant I couldn't sleep for ages. When I did finally get to sleep, I was waking up to check my emails. I didn't sleep very well at all! 

Woke up at 6.30am (so early for me), and people in my year were posting on twitter that they'd received their confirmation emails already. I was still waiting and was getting more and more anxious and nervous, couldn't even have any food I was that nervous! UCAS wasn't online either until 7.30, when I checked and saw that I'd secured my place at Chichester. Immediate relief, I was so happy! It took some of the pressure off as I knew I must've got at least CCD in my exams. 8am, we arrived at my school to pick up my brown envelope (a first for my school, they became more classy and gave us our results in brown envelopes) - which this year gave me tears of happiness rather than sadness like last year. 

I was really over the moon with my results! I was predicted an E in Spanish and a phonecall to my mum to ask if she wanted to withdraw me from the A2 exam. I wanted to prove them wrong and ended up with a C overall!! :D I was so delighted!! 

My family and I went to a meal at Prezzos to celebrate - 3 course meal for me, yummy! Calamari, Light Spaghetti Bolognese and a Milk Chocolate Fudge cake for dessert! Good way to end the day! 

I'm allowed to be excited to head off to university and move away from home right?

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