Already the end of July?!


I can't believe that it is the end of July already and almost August! Where is this year going? It seems to be flying by so quickly! It's either because I'm getting older (just over three months 'til my 19th birthday) or I'm just generally more busy and enjoying my time a bit more than I have done before!! But whatever it is, time is whizzing past in the blink of an eye! It's quite scary in fact, something I will have to get used to, as I'm sure it'll only get faster from here on out. 

So, in June, I finished school completely and it was celebrated with a Leaver's Ball. For some reason, however, I did not enjoy the experience of the Leaver's Ball. The atmosphere was not enjoyable (lots of drunk people and 'disco' style at the end). I felt quite overwhelmed by the situation I was in and felt quite uncomfortable. I had to take breathers quite a few times, which I felt awful about as I felt like such a downer and so antisocial when I removed myself from the situation I was in. I did, however, manage to stay right until the end and the music did slightly improve enough so that I could at least enjoy the last half hour or so. 

The next day was my boyfriend (Greg)'s birthday meal with his friends at TGI Friday's which was an experience and a half. Their birthday song gets rather irritating after hearing it many times. But the food was yummy! Much, much more enjoyable than the night before! 

A week later it was his friend (Matt)'s debut album launch gig (which he also plays on)! It was an incredible evening (and an amazing album - I have listened to it many times. Although the title track, Top of the Tree, is a rather catchy song). Then I drove Greg to Crawley the day after for the folk festival that he and Matt were playing in. It was a rather interesting drive for me, as I had no idea where I was actually going and was on roads I didn't know. I quite enjoy that though, it gets me out of my comfort zone of driving roads I know really well, meaning I have to concentrate rather than use autopilot. The folk festival was really good. Matt and Greg were awesome! :D The weather was very on/off in terms of rain but the day was still enjoyable! 

Into July now, I went to a Donkey Derby which was very interesting and rather amusing! The donkeys are rather funny when they run. It was a good afternoon and in the evening Greg and I had a curry! I've discovered the Tikka Tandoori, which is now my favourite (I can eat all of it and not feel completely full or sick). We then went for a little walk and made some friends with the horses (with a little help from polos XD)

I finally did my pass plus (10 months after passing my driving test). It was a really good thing to do and totally restored confidence in myself as a driver! I drove to London, across the QEII, through the Blackwall Tunnel (scarily narrow) out and back home again. Then the other session was little country roads - winding, narrow roads. We had to make a little pit stop in a field (oops). Also drove through a ford. My driving instructor was really happy with me and really enjoyed the drive! I exceeded all but two things (I still achieved them) and am now just waiting for my certificate to come through from DVSA. 

Then Greg and I went away for a couple of days to Southwold, as part of his birthday present from me - but that'll probably be a separate blog post (up in quite some time I reckon) ----> picture slildeshow instead

This week, I have just completed my last Essex Youth Symphonic Wind Orchestra course and concert! Without it, I wouldn't be in Essex Youth Orchestra (EYO), I wouldn't know Greg or any of my friends from there. I wouldn't have experience of playing piccolo and I wouldn't have gone to Holland. So I'm really glad I did it! This concert the music definitely was easier than previously - but it was really enjoyable as it was movie pieces that everyone knew and loved. It gave a great atmosphere so I really enjoyed my last concert!! Even nailed my little piccolo solo - which I'd been getting wrong all week! Me and another girl, were complimented at the end, about how well we play the flute together and how beautiful it sounds! It made me feel really happy!

Off on tour with EYO to Poland/Czech Republic on Tuesday so I've spent the day packing very slowly as I hate it!! It's finally finished and all I've got to do is the last minute bits :D 

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