Whilst I was on Facebook earlier today, I found this link that my old gymnastics coach had shared with every body:
I was reading it and realised how much I miss Gymnastics which was such a big part of my life for a very long time - longer than music has been a part of it.
My collection minus one Gold medal
I started at the age of 2, with the little preschool gymnastic sessions at the local W.I. Hall - I must have loved it so much that my mum decided to send me to the bigger gymnastics club where I live.
Somehow I took to it and ended up competing in competition winning my first Gold medal at the age of 6, in the Club competition. I moved up to the progression squad where I began training for more than 10 hours a week (though that doesn't seem like a lot in comparison to how much the professionals train!!). I competed in County competitions and then Regionals - usually placing within the top 10!
So much conditioning was involved - there was one point where I could do more than 25 pullups and leg lifts, numerous number of press ups, sit ups and such like (I can barely even do one nowadays!!!)
I managed to get lots of injuries - including managing to strain all my chest muscles at one point so I couldn't even clap! In 2008, I damaged my ankle very badly, so that I had to stop training and became a coach instead. I enjoyed it so much!!
A couple of years ago - I decided that I would start training again but only for one hour this time - I got to compete in two club competitions and one regional before I had to stop again. I landed badly on the other ankle and decided that it was time to hang up the handguards and leave for good.
I really miss gymnastics - often wishing I could go back to it, but I know that would be a massive mistake. I love watching it on T.V and wish I could've been as good as them. Make it and Break it became my favourite programme and I got really into it - I felt like I was doing Gymnastics with them!
It was such a big part of my life! I will always remember that time for the discipline it gave me and all the memories!
Victoria xx

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