A month of Lasts and Firsts


This month, including the very end of last month, has been full of lasts and included a couple of firsts.
April 30th was my last ever Spanish speaking exam - I will no longer be forced to speak Spanish against my wishes, to be judge harshly on it. (YAY!!!!) I have loved Spanish and I adore the language, but the speaking exams were so stressful I just wanted to give up. But it's all done now!! :D
May 7th I voted for the very first time. It was such a strange experience making me feel so grown up. I didn't know what I was doing at all, it was all really weird. The first time I'd ever actually been involved in politics (and had an form interest in any of it too).
Last ever Spanish lesson with Eva-Maria Real Pascual
The rest of this month has been preparing for my last ever days at my school. After 7 years of being there, I'm finally leaving (well left). Such a scary thought!! I can't believe that my time has come to an end and I'm beginning the next chapter of it! It's a scary and daunting prospect but at the same time I really excited. I left the school today, but I felt really indifferent to the situation (unlike when I left in year 11) and just felt as though I'd come home from college and not actually left for the final time. I wasn't sad at all, maybe it hasn't actually sunk in yet that I won't be going back there again. But I'm done!! I'll miss certain teachers but I'm excited to leave behind the people that I don't like! I'll miss the constant comfort of the routine of school! This time next month I'll be finished - finished all my exams! EXCITING!!!

Another first for this month was driving on the M11 for a trip to  Duxford - Imperial War Museum! And on the M25 across the Dartford Crossing to Bluewater (a long way to go just to get a phone fixed in the Apple Store!) It was a scary experience but I survived! However, it's made me feel slightly more confident about driving! So hopefully it'll improve my confidence more now.

Victoria xx

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