Spring is one of my favourite times of year as all the flowers are coming into bloom and trees bear blossom. The weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining - it makes me smile and puts me in a good mood. It signifies a change as everywhere is coming out of sleeping from Winter and getting ready for the Summer. It's all so pretty and for me signifies some sort of a change.

You change your wardrobe over to summer clothes, change the colour lipsticks and nail varnishes that you wear making everything a lot lighter, you blow away the cobwebs that grew over winter and have a 'Spring Clean'.

I changed my blog and edited some of the posts - they decided to post old ones as new ones for today's entries which I don't quite understand and I'm quite annoyed by that fact too - ahh well! Doesn't matter I guess - but a bit strange to have a 'New Year' post in the middle of April!!

The end of school is nearing - for me it's only 19 school days away!! That's a very scary statistic - I'll be leaving forever, after seven years in one place. It makes me happy and sad to think about it: happy because I can start another chapter and focus on what I want to; but sad because I've been there for seven years and have got to know the place so well, it'll be sad to leave it. A downside, however, is the impending exams and all the stress that comes with those exams. I'm just looking forward to the 19th June when they are all over and I'm finished - my summer holidays start!

Deviated a bit off the topic of Spring, oops! I shall get back on track - the summer fruits are beginning to come back into season which is brilliant because I get so bored of apples, bananas, pears and such like during the winter. There is more of a variety of fruits in the summer and you can make (by far) better fruit salads!
Recently I've been having: apples (I know but they are nice in this context), mango, strawberries, raspberries, pomegranate and passion fruit! Yummy!!

I just can't wait until summer - spring signifies the beginning of summer and the end of school. The night's are beginning to be so much lighter and the mornings are the same - so I wake up feeling fresh rather than wanting to stay curled up in bed!

Victoria xx

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